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Put the Grand in your Grand Opening


How to Boom your Business from the Start: Put the Grand in your Grand Opening

Getting your grand opening right could kick-start your battlefield. It is a great way to help you get known in your market.

grand opening ribbon cuttingWe put a section about it in our book, “Right on Target” with some suggestions on how to plan out your grand opening. For example, we recommend your official grand opening be approximately 6 to 8 weeks after you receive your gaming guns. First have a “soft-opening” use your friend and family, that way you can use them as test subjects to tweak your offering.

Someone who has created an awesome Grand Opening is Jenni Laughlin-Stevenson from Hick’s Place.

“Well, in starting Hick's Place we wanted to create a place for our community and surrounding area to get out and about in the great outdoors. We wanted our guests to experience mother nature and enjoy each other’s company without all the technology that so often consumes our busy lives,” said Jenni.

Jenni has a diverse background. She has worked as a civilian medic/firefighter, social worker, and more recently a children’s book author. She also has army experience. Her life experience has taught her one thing about life: if you can connect with people on an emotional level you can make anything happen. 

“This passion for people and community is my life’s work,” said Jenni.

In fact, Hick’s Place is a beautiful project Jenni has jointly created with her partner Troy (also known as "Hick").

“Troy’s love and knowledge of the outdoors and all mother nature and our desire to share and educate others was the perfect match for Hick's Place and a Love Story with each other,” she said. 

The couple took every step of this journey together.

Grand Opening Social Media Strategy

Social media was a big part of large of Jenni’s grand opening plans. First, she created a Facebook Page for her new battlefield (https://www.facebook.com/hicks.place). Next, she sends out a campaign message along with invite of vision tours at Hick's place to share what the due were creating and getting feedback from the community.  She also created an “event” on Facebook and invited her friends to attend.

Jenni connected with government officials at the city and state level and engaged with her local community.

“I believe it is about connecting people and emotions.  I found a common ground and made sHicks Place Grand Openingure I presented a shared vision for Hick’s Place and for those I spoke with.  I took everyone on the journey with me. What does this mean? That now our community has a personal attachment to Hicks Place. Once I gained their trust, I had an entire community marketing our business and sharing the news,” she said.
“It’s been truly amazing. However, the key to such practice is that I truly believe in what we are doing for others. This is not a money-driven business it’s about the experience and creating memories,” said Jenni.
“We are truly thankful for all the love and support we have for this project. From state Senators, city officials, business, community, parents and children local military families and friends the truly feel that Hick’s Place is their place!” she said.

Grand Opening Plan “We have a unique grand opening where we provide a day of entertainment and activities where we incorporated non-profits and local businesses to highlight what they have to offer for families. A portion of the day's profit goes to local non-profit,” she said.

With such an exciting grand opening, I’m sure Troy and Jenni’s battlefield will continue to be a terrific community story.

More Tips for your Grand Opening

The Battlefield Sports University also has some useful hints and tips for your grand opening, such as:

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