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Zombie Hunting in Thorpe Park (& Elsewhere)

Sep 27th 2023

Zombie Games

A hoard of zombies invaded the woodland on the outskirts of Thorpe Park Resort UK and more stories. Here are the stories of Thorpe Park and other Haunted Attractions that get on the zombie shoot bandwagon.

SATR-Go! A New Mobile Scoreboard App

Sep 14th 2023

Mobile Laser Tag

A new tool in the mobile laser tag operators' arsenal: a mobile scoreboard app called "SATR-Go!"

Laser Tag Games Are Thrilling In Any Language

Sep 07th 2023

Language SettingsLaser Tag TechnologySFX

Laser Tag games are thrilling and SATR enables your gamers to play in their local language

5 Questions To Ask To Discover If A Battlefield Business Is Right For You

Sep 07th 2023

Business Start UpSmall Business

Is A Battlefield Business Right For YOU? Here are 5 Questions To Ask Yourself.

Top #12 Benefits For You

Sep 07th 2023

GamingLive-action GamingPatented Technology

The top #12 benefits of this live-action gaming technology revealed.

Battlefield Sports Happy Anniversary

Aug 29th 2023

Small Business

We started in tropical Australia with a few thousand dollars and an idea: to experience a video game live. Almost 25 years later we are still helping Battlefield Operators achieve their dreams.

How To Craft A Name For Your Small Business

Aug 26th 2023

Laser Tag Business

Here are #11 Tips On Choosing A Business Name or Brand Name For Your New Venture. Get it right from the start.

Get Your Gear Shipshape: Book A Service Today

Aug 24th 2023

Repair & ServiceSmall Business

Now is a great time to consider repairing, servicing or upgrading your equipment.

Why Upgrade? #7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Technology

Aug 16th 2023

Patented TechnologySmall Business

Deciding to upgrade your live-action gaming technology can be motivated by many reasons. Investing in new technology is an opportunity for your business to grow and secure it for the future. Here are #7 reasons to upgrade!

Good, Bad & Ugly Online Reviews

Aug 11th 2023

Gun ReviewLaser Tag Reviews

What should you do if you get a good, bad, or even ugly online review?