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Innovative Technology. Extraordinary Flexibility.

How the Battlefield Sports Story Began

Originality often means being first and Battlefield Sports' heritage of revolutionizing laser tag goes back more than 18 years. In 1999, Peter and Nicole Lander were living in the tropics, they loved being outdoors and playing role-playing games. Both also love video games. Peter had previously played paintball and traditional indoor laser tag. He thought there had to be a better way to experience the thrill of a video game, as a live action role play or LARP.

As pioneers in the outdoor laser tag sector, Peter and Nicole worked with a team of software engineers and other enthusiasts to bring outdoor laser tag to their local town. Nicole created a web site and people from all over the world also wanted to play outdoor scenarios. Today the focus remains the same: to equip you with a game-changing, innovative laser tag equipment that allows you to entertain gamers indoors or outdoors.

Nicole and Peter Lander

The Battlefield Sports team is lead by Nicole & Peter Lander. 

Peter is a software engineer and gaming guru. Nicole is a marketing and story-telling wizard.  Both love creating thrilling experiences for people by using laser tag equipment. 

Battlefield Sports is an award winning company that is dedicated to innovating in the live gaming sector.  We manufacture laser tag guns and accessories so your business can run thrilling and memorable events for your gamers. Play indoors or outdoors. 

If you would like to start or expand your live gaming business then book an obligation free consultation today.  

Battlefield Sports Helps You Create Thrilling Memories For Your Players With Laser Tag Equipment

Get with the gaming program:

  • Gaming is a large industry with tremendous growth being seen in the live gaming sector.
  • Gaming products are in high demand.  
  • Your Battlefield Business provides you with a cash flow business
  • Work with trends, rather than against them. This is a tremendous opportunity for those of us with a business in the adventure lane.
  • Do something you believe in!

Best Customer Service

You have provided the best customer service I have seen in a long time. You provide the best customer service, you are very helpful.
Jason Bradley, Outback Australia

Battlefield Sports Mission Statement

To provide, on a mass market scale, an addictive, compelling live gaming experience using innovative laser tag equipment that is a powerful force in creating a more active and socially engaged gamer generation.

Innovate, Cooperate, Deliver.

We strive to create the best laser tag technology products in the market. We believe in innovation so we can optimizie the value which we deliver to our customers. We strive for the best in terms of reliability, workmanship and flexibility.

Business Vision

Our vision is to be the market leader in the live gaming industry, by supplying innovative laser tag equipment and using the opportunities of the Internet to deliver great customer service and functionality.  

Brand Values

  • innovative spirit
  • zest for creating thrilling memories, memories that will last a lifetime 
  • passion, determination and drive towards helping battlefield owners start their dream business

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About Battlefield Sports

Your Battlefield Business - the Reason Battlefield Sports Exists

At Battlefield Sports we champion and inspire battlefield business owners to achieve their best through combat entertainment. It is what we do better than anyone else.

battlefield sports

Peter Lander, the Founder of Battlefield Sports started work on our brand of laser tag back in 1986. His fascination with live gaming motivated him to study computer science at university, and to learn about marketing.

Peter and his wife Nicole had a young family in tropical Australia when they officially started working on Battlefield Sports back in 1999. They had a few thousand dollars and an idea -- to take a video game and experience it LIVE. They started running outdoor laser tag games in their local town. See right, Peter and Nicole from Battlefield Sports circa 1999 playing some games.

Battlefield Sports has since flourished into a multi-million dollar game-inspired brand, with sales into more than 45 countries.

The company's mission is to enable your business vision to become a reality. Unlike a franchise Battlefield Sports does not impose a certain way of entertaining your gamers. In fact, our SATR technology is so flexible you can theme your battlefield as  indoor sci-fi, mobile  laser tag, outdoor milsim, or zombie  games; from family friendly to full on hard core experiences.

Battlefield Sports has been inspired by our love of gaming and our enthusiasm to help others, just like you, to build a viable thriving enterprise for you and your family.

Brilliant Programming

"The new SATR2 programming is working great. We particularly like the Master Controller's ability to change gun classes and indoor/outdoor (since we do both). Our gamers really like the ability to randomize of the gaming guns with the Mystery Box. It enables us to change up a traditional game – keeping it fresh. We discovered that new mission moves everyone back to the original class and weapon setting – which was a brilliant programming decision! Thanks"
Jim M, USA

Battlefield Sports Brand DNA

The Battlefield Sports team have built up a deep understanding of the complexities in a modern, global supply chain. We coordinate and collaborate with our supply parnters to ensure we deliver the best laser tag equipment to you.

Our manufacturing depot is located in Australia and we are here to work to deliver your business needs.

If you consider how the Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment has evolved you will understand that our gaming guns have all contributed to establishing our brand DNA. We have a colorful heritage. We acknowledge our history, but at the same time, we revel in our innovation and seek to create products that are relevant in the modern context.

Battlefield Sports design is not just about ensuring something looks good. It is about ensuring all the elements relate to one another. We aspire that our laser tag equipment is integral to its purpose and is built on integrity. Design leadership and engineering excellence is what Battlefield Sports stands for.

Battlefield Sports’ technical capability and in particular our patented SATR technology has to be reflected in its function, in the way our laser tag equipment engeners real game-play.

“I want our laser tag equipment to enrich and make our battlefield operators’ businesses easier and more enjoyable,” said Nicole Lander, co-Founder, Battlefield Sports.

Brilliant Concept

This is a brilliant concept and desirable product.
Lynn, Kent UK

Why Battlefield Sports Laser Tag Equipment is Better

When you manufacture laser tag equipment with intention for extended range day or night, for ergonomics, and for flexibility you will being to see that a simple laser tag gun is more sophisticated that it first appears. This is where real innovation begins. Making laser tag equipment requires a sophisticated approach. When you are creating the world's best you need to master every element of the equipment and game design. Our gear is engineered for heroes. Our leaps in technology began with an understanding with the simplest details. Our goal is to refine and redefine the live gaming experience. During our almost two decades of invention we have witnessed much innovation and Battlefield Sports has been at the forefront of change. We believe in relentless innovation. Benefit from our experience.

Here's why Battlefield Sports SATR3 is better than other commercial laser tag equipment out there:

  • So straightforward, a 10-year-old could use it. This is turn-key. You literally turn the key and start shooting! We know you are busy. And we know and you'd rather spend your time on more important things than struggling to figure out complicated installation. That's why we designed SATR3 to be as easy-to-use as possible, without compromising on any of its powerful features. You can take a portion of your arsenal to the village fair for promotional events to drive business back to your arena. We've solved the old indoor Laser Tag problem of moving a maze when your business had to change premises due to expansion, downsizing or failure to renew lease on existing premises
  • Make a couple of simple settings adjustments once, and then the system will remember your last setting from the last time you turned the gaming gun on. Or if you want to change your settings, to did smoothly with the push of a couple of buttons
  • 100% gamer friendly. Real-time hit-feedback / gamer stats. In-game perks, just like a video game. Mystery Box, Armor Box, Weapon Box & more. No need to wait for a print out, gamers get instant feedback. SATR3 gives gamers real-time stats as they go, plus a game score and session score. The game score is the gamer's Tag/Deactivation Ratio. The session score is the gamer's accumulative ratio. Individual gamers can also track their own statistics, such as shooting accuracy, number of tags, number of de-activations, on their own gaming gun in real time
  • Long Lasting Game Play: All Battlefield Sports gaming guns include SATR software, integrated Optik sensors, and a 7.2 volt 4,000 mAh re-chargeable battery. So the game play can last and last. (Please note the Blaster model comes with the compact Litho-ion battery.) 
  • Really flexible: play indoors or outdoors. Play in the dark or bright sunshine. It offers real-time hit feedback system, via light effects (i.e. through the scope) and sound effects (i.e. through speakers). For example, the SFX feedback indicates “tagged” (wound), “de-activated” and “de-activate already.” Available in more than 20 languages
  • Royalty free. Unlike other laser tag manufacturers, we don't charge you a license fee per unit. Battlefield Sports encourages you to grow your arsenal -- bigger groups mean better cash flow for you. You get innovative technology, robust all high-grade build, lower cost of ownership, royalty FREE.

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My Customers Love Battlefield Sports

My customers love Battlefield Sports equipment because it feels like what they imagine in their mind when they dream of adventure. I like that you innovate not just the technology but methods and ideas to run our businesses.
Joel, Idaho USA

What is Battlefield Sports? What's "Live Gaming"? 

Battlefield Sports is one of the most popular outdoor laser tag equipment suppliers around and it's easy to understand why. Whether you are planning to set up a laser tag business or you're looking for new attraction to add to your theme park or haunt or summer camp outdoor laser tag guns and accessories from Battlefield Sports is a great choice.

Battlefield Sports live gaming engine "SATR" (which stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver) is a user-friendly system. With it you can play indoors or outdoors, day or night.

It is easily the most comprehensive live gaming simulator with more than 300 gaming emulations and more than 11,000 sound effects.

Battlefield Sports makes it easy for operators to quickly set-up and run live games.

Battlefield Sports is a laser tag equipment supplier with service points in Burbank, California and Brisbane Australia, as well as agents in the UK, Chile and the Netherlands.

CEO & Founder: Peter Lander
CFO & co-Founder: Nicole Lander
Founded: January 2000 (first games 1999) 

What can Battlefield Sports Do For You? 

So you are interested in starting Your Battlefield Business? One of the first questions to ask yourself is: "What theme do I want to run with?" There are several ways to entertain your gamers. Consider:

Battlefield LIVE™ is a completely new brand of combat game for entertainment. The Battlefield LIVE experience is a live-action version of popular video games like “Call of Duty” or "HALO".

Our laser tag equipment uses our patented technology SATR. SATR is flexible. It allows you to adjust in hit points (health), switch between semi auto/full auto, select magazine capacity, reload time, range and so on.  Or if you want it simple, it also has a lock-out mode.

The game is playable in all sorts terrains. All weather conditions. Almost any venue - indoor or outdoor.

The gaming guns shoot infrared (just like a TV remote) or "ghost" bullets so they are harmless and eye safe.

Gamers are usually divided into two teams and vie for victory given various team objectives.

Play Indoors or Outdoors

Battlefield LIVE™ is a complete, balanced and fully play tested game system. Battlefield LIVE™ is a team combat games played in a variety of maps such as forest, bush land, around buildings and inside huge warehouses. The game is completely mobile and versatile, so we can also run at your fair, theme park, Family Entertainment Center or other attraction.

The technology enables extended range of infrared units in all playing conditions. Extensive testing has been carried out to achieve optimal levels of range and firepower of each gun/sensor for the most satisfying gaming experience in a commercial environment.

People Love It

Thanks for the email sorry have not replied till now been really busy with it all here word going round now lots of people talking, open day was great for every one who has seen and played the game have said its wicked (better than paintball). This is because of the amount of lives able to be set, also no hot clothing so far not a bad word spoken people love it here.
Hayden, Spain

Siren with Commando The combat game of Battlefield LIVE™ has been influenced by modern computer games and military training scenarios. These scenarios provide team members the opportunity to overcome adversity together, and gain greater understanding of the team cohesion and the value of communication.

We believe in creating one of the best times of gamers' lives, and, in order to so here are our core concepts:

  • No individual score so the focus is on the team. Gamers do get, however, real time statistics including the number of hits, kills and re-spawns on their gaming gun
  • Game balance between gaming guns – holy grail of good game design
  • What you see is what you get.
  • What you hear is what you get.