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How Much Money Can You Make In A Laser Tag Business? 

Laser Tag Business Revenue Calculator

Laser Tag Business Revenue Calculator App

You might be asking yourself "How much money can I make in my laser tag business?" 

Long story, short: We build laser tag equipment that makes you money; to see how much, use our laser tag business revenue calculator app. 





Exactly how much cash you can generate depends on the number of gaming guns you have in your arsenal, how many games you run (open times), how often they are being used (utilization rate) and how much you charge for a ticket.

Customize your results for your laser tag business by changing the values on the sliders.

The revenue calculator can give you a great insight into how changes in variables, like changes in utilization rate or ticket price can effect your overall money making capacity.

Revenue Calculation Example

For example, say you have 50 laser tag guns in your armory. And say they are all used half of the time, this gives you a 50% utilization rate. While it is would be fabulous to be running at 100% capacity the entire time you are open, this is unlikely. 

Of course the more hours per week you are at 100% capacity the more money you will generate!

In this example, say your business is paid for 8 hours of games per week (480 minutes). Now your business may actually be open longer than 8 hours. If you are a mobile operator then you will need to factor in transport and set-up and pack-down time.

In this example, we assume you get paid one dollar (or one pound or one euro) per minute of play.

You can easily change these numbers by adjusting the slider or tapping in the price field and change the amount/s.

This will change the result.

This little app is designed to give you an estimate of your top-line turnover figure. 

This revenue calculator is not a profit calculator. 

It does not factor in expenses and overheads such as tax, rent or insurance (or other expenses). 

Savvy Business People Know 

Savvy business people know that the most profitable customers are repeat customers. So having a live gaming system that encourages players to play again is vital. 

That is why it makes sense to invest in the most well-designed, efficient equipment you can. It lowers your on-going running costs, so you walk away with the maximum profit. Our live gaming system is designed to create thrilling games with less staff. It is a win/win.

When doing your business planning there are several factors to consider, such as: 

  • If your business is a mobile operation then there's the vehicle costs, gas, insurance, car registration etc
  • If your business is a fixed site operation then there's rent, utilities, overheads etc 
  • Staffing wages & costs such as superannuation/401k or medical 
  • Wear and tear and depreciation on your business equipment and on your laser tag equipment
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Phone & Internet 
  • Other expenses! 

Whichever way you slice it, one of your key expenses is staffing costs. The Battlefield Sports SATR3 system is designed for a single staffer to set-up and run the live gaming experience. We usually allocate one crew for up to 20 players at once. Then two staff for up to 50 players at once. And then three staff for up to 100 players at once. 

Efficiency of your operation makes a huge difference to your profit in the long run. 

Laser Tag Profit Margin

According to Graham Whinfrey in this INC article laser tag represents one of the most profitable businesses in the entertainment industry. He said some laser tag operators generate profit margins of as much as 40%. He sites a IBISWorld report which estimates laser tag revenues in 2019 are projected at $302 million in the USA alone.

Read the INC article, here.

Battlefield Business operators need to meet their local market as to what to charge for tickets. If you are wondering how much to charge for a laser tag ticket read this blog.

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DISCLAIMER: This revenue calculator is not a guarantee of revenue or profit. This is to be used as an estimation tool only. Battlefield Sports is not a franchise and does not guarantee any profit or revenue and shall not be held liable if revenue estimates or profit are not met.