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Church Groups + Laser Tag for Youth Engagement

It is often a massive challenge to engage the youth for Churches and Ministries.

youth ministrySome congregations are seeking new programs to attract and keep young adults.

Our brand of laser tag has been successful with many Church groups for their young people's programs.

Laser tag is an activity that both men and women, boys and girls can have fun with. While working as a team they can build relationships.

Derek C says "Church wise the laser skirmish gear has been really good. We’ve used it for youth and men’s events & it’s worked really well."

"We run a youth drop-in center in the town hall each week and it’s been a good venue for laser skirmish. There are a number of spaces that can be occupied, we get the music going and there are lots of partition boards and other equipment that can be used as cover. It’s been really well received," he said.

Equipment has been Rugged

Ken, I’ve been chugging right along with your terrific Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment here in Kansas, netting about $6K per year only because I don’t push it too hard. The equipment has been rugged, and I haven’t even replaced my batteries yet. Thanks
Ty F, Salina Church of Christ, KS USA

Need a Testimonial? Send Them My Way!

Hey! Everything is here and working great! We would like to get some additional supplies - at least three more chargers, possibly a few extra gaming guns, too. If you EVER need a testimonial on the quality of the gear, send them my way!
Barry, Youth Pastor WI, USA


Youth Ministries Taking The Higher Ground With Laser Tag

It can be somewhat challenging to engage the kids and teens for Churches and Ministries.

Today's savvy congregations are innovating with new programs for the youth.Many youth groups are growing their ministries with the help of laser tag.

Laser tag can be fun and can cater for all sized groups. Small groups of six (three vs three) can be fun. But larger groups of 60 (30 vs 30) can be even more thrilling!Outdoor education with team bonding is an important part of building relationships.

John Shertizer from Black Rock Retreat in Pennsylvania says "The newly added laser tag activity allows students to work in teams to navigate the woodlands, create strategies, and work towards a common goal.

"Wisconsin Youth Pastor, Barry Rudesill, has also added laser tag to his ministry."Hey! Everything is here and working great! If you EVER need a testimonial on the quality of the gear, send them my way!Everyone who has played agrees your gear is better than the equipment at the nearest "laser tag center".  It has been a HUGE hit!  Thanks!" said Barry. .

laser tag for youth engagement