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BFSU - A Resource for Battlefield Operators

bfsu battlefield operators resources At Battlefield Sports we aim to provide useful resources and tools so Battlefield Operators can create fantastic games for their customers. One of these useful tools is the Battlefield Sports University. Once logged in Battlefield Operators can access the specialized skills, knowledge and experience from the BFSU team 24/7.

This is a MUST HAVE resource for Operators starting a laser tag business.

The BFSU is an online educational website set up especially for all our customers – battlefield owners and operators who use 100% Battlefield Sports brand gear. 

To learn how to use the laser tag equipment we recommend you take:

You will be given password access so that if you have a question you can find answers to many questions immediately. You don’t need to wait until we are open.

Here is an insight of what’s available through our online university. Resources include:

Games Operations 

* Operations Manuals 

* Example Mission Briefings 


* Basic Training for Battlefield TAG games

* C.O. Course For SATR3

* C.O. Course for SATR2

* Notes & References from past Battlefield Sports' Conferences 


* Image Library

* Software:

  • Battlefield HQ Booking Software
  • Swayzo Clan War Software
Much more!


* How to Maintain the Equipment

* Data Sheets 

Battlefield Sports University Image Faculty

One of the resources is the BFSU Image Faculty. This will give you images that you can use in your own marketing material. When you are first starting your battlefield business, you have ordered your gear but it hasn't been delivered yet. But of course there is a myriad of things to do as part of your pre-launch. Such as designing your web site, getting some business cards etc.

And having a set of high resolution images accessible for you is a god-send. We have selected the images that have been successful. (The copyright of these images remain with Battlefield Sports but you can use them, royalty free.) Just pick what you need and you’re on your way to producing brochures, websites and ads that will attract customers.

Battlefield Sports University

Nicole, I have just started perusing the Battlefield Sports University website & I see all of the fantastic work you have done on it. [Your book] Right on an excellent guide book on steps that you need to take to open & ways to approach different situations. I have taken a lot of notes & following your guidance there. We are launching our business at a local city event, & I was going to sit down & write an article like you suggest to help bring more people into our area for the event. I was struggling on how to start this article, & I thought...maybe there is "sample" article that will help me get started. Holy have media releases & all ready planned out.... all I have to do is plug my name & my company name... YOU ARE MY HERO... Like I said, I am only 2 weeks into the I know I have only seen the tip of the iceberg... but I wanted to tell you thank you for all your far. I am looking forward to learning a lot more from you & Peter.
Jeanie, WI, USA

Battlefield Sports University Maintenance & Operations Faculties

You might be wondering if you can maintain the gear yourself. The equipment is robust but nothing is indestructible, so a maintenance regime will be needed. Useful advice on how to maintain all your our equipment with easy to follow videos.

Through this maintenance program your equipment will last longer and won’t need to be replaced, or even repaired, as often. There is lots of advice on selecting the right battlefield site. Get this right and you’ll be more profitable. Get it wrong and you’ll certainly have problems.

Battlefield Sports University Marketing Faculty

One of the most useful resources of the Battlefield Sports University is its marketing Faculty. It has loads of marketing goodies like press release templates, example flyers & coupons, example party invites, TV commercial and radio scripts and more.

This is a MUST HAVE. It will save you $thousands.

Ask your local consultant about the Battlefield Sports University when you place your order for laser tag equipment with Battlefield Sports.

Quality Equipment

We are a conference center (summer camp) that uses this as an activity for our guests and we also have outside guests using just laser tag. The variety of games you can play will keep your customers returning. The laser tag equipment is fun for the players and the operators. Battlefield Sports offers quality equipment, lots of information on Battlefield Sports University about how to run your business. The Battlefield Sports' customer service is very responsive. All of the information and resources on the website is very helpful.
Daryl, CA, USA