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Laser Tag Business: Your Passion = Your Profession

The Battlefield Sports Story - A 20 Year Business Dream

Nicole Lander and Peter Lander started Battlefield Sports with a few thousand dollars and an idea: to take a video game and experience it live.

You might have heard their mantra: "You've Seen the Movies. You've Played the Games. Now... LIVE 'Em!".

Two gamers with a dream.

... a vision and the doggedness to make it a reality is the best way to describe the phenomenon that is Battlefield Sports™.
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Peter Lander, the co-founder, always wanted to have his own business involved in the live-action role-playing space. 

In the mid-80s, you would find Peter playing almost any kind of game he could get his hands on, Dungeons and Dragons, old console games, board-games, LARPs.

You name it, Peter was playing it.

This love of gaming, combined with his sports career - Peter was a State representative for Table Tennis - fired his imagination. His ideas were running wild in terms of what could be created as a fantastic gaming experience for himself and his friends. A cross-over of sports and games/entertainment. And after almost a decade of financial and technical struggle, finally in the mid-late 90s a real breakthrough!

He met Nicole.


Pete's wife, Nicole, started her career as a civil servant. 

She too loves gaming. 

She originally played Dungeons & Dragons at University. Then she moved onto strategy video games like Civilization. 

She is the story-teller and marketer of the team. 

So together the couple started Battlefield Sports.

Their first battlefield was in the lush rainforest of northern Australia. Battlefield Sports was the first business anywhere in the world to commercialize outdoor laser tag.

To take the game out of the dark.

The pair are on a mission. 

A mission to help others experience the thrill of video games live. 

Today the Battlefield Sports team has a network of more than 500 Battlefield Operators across 50+ countries.  

Battlefield Sports manufactures laser tag equipment so you can play live gaming scenarios.

Today they lead the company that's an award-winning exporter. 

Your Business Opportunity

Now Peter and Nicole could start to open things up for others, just like you. 

And that's exactly what happened. 

The duo established their first battlefield in his home town of Cairns, Northern Queensland and then expanded into the Brisbane area.

Players started to show up and love the experience, by word of mouth the enthusiasm spread all over Australia. 

The media then picked up on this "Live Video Game" action and the news carried all over the world.

Over 10 Years & Still Going!

We've had some of the gaming guns for over 10 years now & they are still working, pretty good recommendation. They seem to have best option, although we've never tried anything else. The entire concept was great, outdoor laser tag. Our clients love the games, I don't believe we've had more than one or two people since we started go away a bit disappointed. Almost everyone goes away pleased, if not excited & wanting to come back. On the whole, happy with the gaming guns, they've held up well.
Doug, AB, Canada

Today their live gaming system enables you to play indoors and play outdoors. 

This system: 

  • Offers a mobile solution, or 
  • Entertains at a fixed venue, or
  • Offers a rental service.

They started with their first live gaming theme “Battlefield LIVE” then grew and added more themes. Now you can create a live gaming entertainment business with a family-friendly theme or a WW2 or a horror theme - with their system your only limit is your imagination! 

Today, just a few short years later, Battlefield LIVE™ is a brand name. With more than 100 locations in Australia. And more than 400 locations worldwide.

Now business people were flying in to meet with Peter and his wife Nicole and their staff to see how they could get in on the action.

Come and join us. You are looking at the opportunity of the decade supported by a world-class, award-winning, Aussie tough company if you are ready for action...

Come and join us. 


Our friendly Battlefield Gurus are happy to help with your project.

Your Battlefield Business: Your Opportunity

Your Battlefield business ownership - ok so you want to open an interactive, entertainment company, do you? 

Well, that's fine, just for a moment let's look at the Seven Major Points of Logic, the logic that we think you will want to consider.

  1. Massive worldwide demand for our entertainment. Proven, tested with millions of games played. Demand is high all over the world.
  2. No effective competition in your area. Paintball and Airsoft are in different markets. You can offer a compelling, addictive and much-needed entertainment option locally. Further, our live gaming exciting and mobility are a delicious mix.
  3. Perfect Timing: In business timing is everything. Too early and you'll be exhausted; too late and you'll starve to death. With Battlefield Sports™, you are joining us at just the right time, demand is growing exponentially.
  4. Financially stable company, numerous government awards and thousands and thousands of media coverage spots all over the world.
  5. Enormous repeat business potential. Follow our plan and you'll have customers that will spend thousands with you over the years. Consider the cost of starting a laser tag business. Analyze your return on investment. The lifetime value of a customer with you can be enormous: potentially low acquisition cost, high customer value.
  6. Favorable Legal Climate all over the world. In many areas, if gamers want a combat simulation outdoors we are the only real choice. We expect this favorable legal status to improve over the next few years.
  7. Tremendous company support, you are in business for yourself but not alone, Battlefield Sports™ executives are behind you every step of the way. In fact, we wrote the book on the subject.

Our team is here to give you new business ideas, seven simple steps to start up your business, whether it is a home-based business or a major theme park and attraction center. Based on our years of experience we have good ideas and guidelines and steps for starting a small business and getting it growing.

Your Battlefield Business is the very latest home-based small business idea. It is underpinned by the current business trends in gaming technology. 

With support from HQ and a network of existing Battlefield Operators around the world, you can embark on your journey as a battlefield operator.

Fun & Very Rewarding Business

Friendly, fast service, always ready to help. Love the gaming guns. Great business, great fun, and very rewarding business.
Trudy & Kevin, VIC Australia


Laser Tag Business Equipment: Laser Tag Gun Range 

If you want to:

  • Start a business that’s fun & adventure packed

  • Attract crowds of customers who want a thrilling, interactive experience
  • Add a new attraction to your business using the most innovative, combat entertainment equipment

Think back over your life. There are probably 5 really memorable scenes you can remember. Our goal is to create an experience that is one of a handful of unforgettable times.

That's why we believe in "every game, every gamer" - so no matter if you’re from a busy theme park, an established indoor laser tag arena, planning a mobile business, or simply a group of buddies wanting to set up your own private club, we believe that EVERY person who comes and plays at one of our battlefields should have a bodacious time.

If you imagine, creating a business in your community that helps people build a “Wow!” experience. If you have ideas running around your head about all the scenarios you can create.

If you are the kind of person who loves creating gaming experiences for your friends, your family, even for people you have even met yet!

If you have a dream to build your own combat entertainment business.

Then, do it for yourself.

Take the next step... Book a 1:1