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Commercial Laser Tag Equipment: Lift Your Sales & Create Thrilling Games With Less Staff

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Simple, Powerful Commercial Laser Tag Equipment For Sale

We are an innovation-focused Laser Tag Supplier with one mission: To Create Thrilling Games For Your Customers With Less Staff. Battlefield Sports™ manufactures live gaming gear (laser tag equipment) for business. This Laser Tag equipment is simple, powerful and commercial-grade designed for adventure parks, summer camps, paintball fields and others. With this equipment operators can boost gamer engagement and entertain more players with less staff.  We've been in the trenches, this year we are celebrating 20 years of supplying battle-tested laser tag equipment to businesses and consumers. 

Real Case Studies, Real Results, Real ROI

See the results for yourself. Our Battlefield Operators have achieved incredible, revenue-shifting results. And you can too!

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Laser Tag and Adventure parks

Adventure Parks & Laser Tag
[AUSTRALIA] The country's largest Horse Riding "Glenworth Valley" added Laser Tag to their adventure park.

Zombie Laser Tag at Thorpe Park

Zombie Laser Tag at Thorpe Park
[UNITED KINGDOM] Thorpe Park in the UK created an interactive scare with Zombie Laser Tag, and they're not the only ones. 

Paintball Fields add laser tag

Paintball Fields add Laser Tag
[DENMARK] Eight years of success, discover how laser tag has helped grow the "Shoot To Thrill" paintball business. 


Our friendly Battlefield Gurus are happy to help with your project.

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our consultants are here to help you

Let us know your business plans. Our Battlefield Gurus are here to help. One way we do this is via the quick Business Quiz.

games & themes

A one-on-one with you gives us an opportunity to delve a bit deeper as to how which laser tag games & themes will best suit your business plans.

sign up

We will be delighted when you start or expand your business with us. Once you sign up you'll be invited to enlist in the Battlefield Sports University.

laser tag guns made to order

Your gear is made to order. Once we have manufactured your laser tag equipment then we will do a quality assurance test. Our gaming guns come with a Bullet-Proof Guarantee. 

tracked delivery

Get the best laser tag equipment money can buy, bursting with features. Your gaming guns are courier delivered to your door. 

training and prep

Once you have your equipment then you can really ramp up your hands-on learning. There's online training with the BFSU. You can also start the preparation of your operation, such as the conditioning of your batteries.

grand opening

After you have run a few 'test' games then you start planning your Grand Opening.

supporting your business

Battlefield Sports offers on-going support to help your Battlefield Business grow. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter "Lock n Load".

Creating Fun Since 1999 With Our Innovative Laser Tag System

Battlefield Sports has been innovating since 1999. By listening to our customers and gamers this laser tag equipment is on trend. Yes, we operate our own local battlefields so you can benefit from our field experience. 

Our world famous patented live gaming technology is the laser tag supplier of choice for more than 500 customers across 54 countries. We believe in: 

  • an innovative spirit
  • a zest for creating thrilling memories, memories that will last a lifetime 
  • passion, determination and drive towards helping battlefield owners start their dream business.

"You’ve seen the movies, you’ve played the games, now…… LIVE ‘em"

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