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"7 Mistakes of Rookies & Pros in A Laser Tag Business & How To Avoid Them"


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7 mistakes ebook

Dear Savvy Business Builder, 

Are you considering starting a laser tag business? 

Or expanding your attraction business by adding laser tag? 

Discover the 7 critical mistakes people make in their laser tag business and how to avoid them. 

My name is Nicole Lander and I am the co-Founder of Battlefield Sports. During my 20 years in the live gaming business, I've made many mistakes! Discover the 7 most critical and how to avoid them. 

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  • A bold new concept for today's gamer. This ain't your grandpa's laser tag. 
  • Insights for the live gaming guru - Peter Lander
  • The inside "Laser Tag Trade Secrets" other suppliers don't want you to know
  • And much more! 


We are an innovation-focused Laser Tag Supplier with one mission: To Create Better Games For Your Customers With Less Staff. Battlefield Sports™ manufactures live gaming gear (laser tag equipment) for business. We have worked with businesses big and small, from entertainment giants like Merlin Entertainments' Thorpe Park to Mom and Pop businesses in rural New Hamshire. But rather than toot our own horn about the hundreds of business people we have helped, allow us to quote what others have said about our work... 

Almost Doubled our Revenue Year on Year

Battlefield Sports offer heavy duty gaming guns, for play both indoors or outdoors. We have been operating for more than 5 years, and 100% of our gaming guns are still working well, even with more than 70,000 hours in battle. There is no other product in the market with this reliability, the most important thing for an operator. We operate from children parties up to team building for companies. We have almost doubled our revenue from one year to the other.
Carlos M, Chile

25 Times ROI

Amazing how time flies. My gaming guns are still going strong. Probably the best return on investment ever. I have had my investment pay me back 25 times over the last 5 years. Thanks.
Ruben, NY, USA

Marie, Richard & Andrew Run A Laser Tag Business in the UK

When researching activities to run in their woodland they considered Battlefield Sports. Marie liked the concept because it was her own independent business, not a franchise. 

But you are part of a Battlefield Operators' network. It is an opportunity to discover what games work well and how to get the most out of the laser tag business. 

"We've been doing it for 8 years now. We are an independent business but we are also part of a global organization," Marie said. 

"It has given us everything we wanted. There has never a single day during the past 8 years that we thought we no longer want to do this. Or we are bored with it. We are a busy weekend in, weekend out. We absolutely love it," she said. 



This report reveals the 7 critical mistakes people make in a new laser tag business and how to avoid them. 

Claim your copy today. 

We guarantee 100% Privacy. Your info will not be shared. See the Privacy Policy



Quality Equipment

This is great for birthday party hire. Quality equipment.
Jeff Mann, NSW, Australia