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Gamer Centered Laser Tag Equipment

Laser Tag Equipment for Business

Laser Tag Equipment Sold Across the UK, USA, Australia and Elsewhere 

Our brand of Laser Tag Equipment is sold in the UK, USA, Australia and around 50 other countries. Battlefield Sports commercial Laser Tag equipment is designed for businesses and individuals, just like you, who seek a robust and quality solution. And you don't even need an internet connect to operate.

Battlefield Sports' laser tag equipment is built tough and gives you flexible game-play. Be confident knowing that more than 500 Battlefield Operators have chosen Battlefield Sports as their live gaming equipment supplier.

Battlefield Sports’ award-winning innovations have set the benchmark in the laser tag industry.

New for 2019, is the latest live-gaming software plus the new scoreboard and game-management apps. 

We make laser tag kit so business people can create thrilling and memorable events for their players. 

It is a gamer-centered approach

Why Choose Battlefield Sports Laser Tag Equipment For Your Live Gaming Business? 

Supporting 12+ themes with more than 300 emulations and 11,000 sound effects, if you can imagine it then Battlefield Sports equipment can make it happen for you. From traditional family-friendly laser tag, to edgy military-simulations, and thrilling zombie game, sci-fi and fantasy games are just the beginning. In other words, choose:

  • A family friendly theme like "Battlefield TAG" or 
  • A hardcore milsim theme like "Battlefield LIVE" or 
  • A thrilling horror theme like “Battlefield UNDEAD” or
  • The newest theme, if you like video games like Fortnite or PUBG then “Battlefield ROYALE” 
  • Or choose from many other options, there are 13 themes in total. 

You can also switch between themes easily via a simple re-boot and re-configuration. You see, we have a built in redundancy in our laser tag gear. Every unit can be booted-up to act as any other unit. So you can have, for example, a Spitfire laser tag gun set as an Uzi Machine Pistol if you are planning on running a military simulation scenario (this falls within the Battlefield LIVE theme). Or if you are planning on running a family-friendly then you can simply switch it to emulate a Laser Pistol (this is within the Battlefield Sci-Fi theme). And there are lots of themes to choose from!

Patented Technology Working For You

Our digital laser tag system called "SATR3" is patented technology. 

Play indoors or outdoors. 

Actually the only limit is your imagination. With this live gaming system you can play hundreds of different scenarios.      

Discover How To Use Laser Tag Equipment To Attract & Engage Customers & Quickly Grow Your Business

Video game inspired gear with battlefield CRED delivering a whole new gaming EXPERIENCE. Battlefield Sports is world famous for its innovative Laser Tag Equipment. We have sold our equipment around the world into more than 50 countries. If you are interested in finding out more about the exciting new technology and the laser tag industry then book your breakthrough Book a 1:1

Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment is designed for business.

girl games

SATR3: The Laser Tag Equipment For Your Competitive Advantage. Power-Up Your Game-Play

Battlefield Sports' laser tag equipment has been used across the planet, it's popular in Australia, USA and the UK. Our laser tag equipment offers you tools for building Your Battlefield Business, for offering your customers thrilling live gaming entertainment.

With SATR3 you can configure your laser tag equipment and accessories to theme your game-play.  

Love Your Product

Love your products and customer service! Right from Day One, you could turn the key and go. The service has been excellent, however and your staff have been very helpful! The laser tag guns look and feel good. The targeting is spot-on. The game play - especially with the Domination Box! - can be tailored to a variety of groups. Overall, just great quality! Great job! Everybody loves it! Easily one of the best investments our church has made for our youth!
Barry, Wisconsin USA

Laser Tag Equipment For Sale: Wide Variety of Models & Accessories

Our business is creating laser tag equipment that will boost your sales and create thrilling games with less staff. Battlefield Sports offers a range of laser tag guns. From our futuristic / sci-fi looking Cobra (our best seller) to a range of sub machine guns, personal defence weapons, carbines and rifles. 

Laser Tag Equipment

The gaming guns include, as standard, the latest patented live gaming system “SATR3” plus the Predator Muzzle Flash (for terrific light effects) and more than 11,000 SFX. 

These laser tag bundles are robust. 

You can play indoors or outdoors. 

And you don’t need an internet connection or wi-fi connectivity in order to play.

We believe in redundancies, in order words, a “Show Must Go On!” attitude, so just as long as you’ve charged the batteries you don’t even need electricity to entertain your gamers. Our business all about creating laser tag equipment that will entertain your players so you can help them create a fantastic experience, one that they will never forget. 

Gamers love this live gaming equipment; in fact, we have sold to more than 140 customers in the USA and Canada alone. We have a sales team who have service points in Reno, NV and Los Angeles (Burbank), CA. We have just shy of 100 customers in the United Kingdom. There are 113 customers in Europe across 20 countries and a service point in Denmark. We’ve got 170 customers in Australia and New Zealand, with a service center in Brisbane, Australia. 

In total we have more than 555 battlefield operators worldwide. 

Best Equipment in the World

Best laser tag equipment in the world. The products are dependable. Battlefield Sports is doing a great job!
Mike G, Wisconsin USA

SATR: The Secret to Creating Laser Tag Games They'll Never Forget

SATR stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver. It is Battlefield Sports' laser tag equipment system. This patented technology is simple to use, robust, and thrilling for your gamers. It also means that you can host better games with less staff.

The SATR laser tag system integrates the laser tag guns and battlefield props. They all work together to create thrilling games for your customers. Laser Tag bundles consist of gaming guns, a master controller, and at least three battle boxes. Enhance your laser tag package by adding the optional game management app "SATR-Hub" and the game scoreboard app "SATR-Score". 

To create the best experience for your customers you will want an integrated solution. A system where the battlefield props enhance the game-play. Whether you are a family entertainment center considering overhauling your dated laser tag arena or are looking to start up a brand-new live gaming attraction Battlefield Sports equipment is for you. 

Quality Commercial Laser Tag Guns – A Practical Solution 

Other laser tag manufacturers talk about using a smart phone to drive the laser tag guns, or head-sensors without cables, or worse, electrocuting your customers.

We have considered these “features” and realized they are not practical. Smart phones can be expensive. Flagship Apple iPhones, Samsung and Google phones can set you back anywhere from $449 to $1449. This means, sure you can purchase a laser tag gun but in order to use it you have add a smart phone, effectively doubling your gaming gun's price.

Our system uses cabled head-sensors, that way your gaming gun is always paired with its sensors. The head sensors won’t get lost somewhere in the forest, or misplaced in a dark nook of a multi-level laser tag arena. More, it means that the head-sensors are powered off the main unit’s battery. This is also true with the red-dot scope. No need to stock multiple different sized batteries. All units in the Battlefield Sports system are powered by one battery, so everything is integrated. 

Ok whose bright idea was it to electrocute your customers? I’m mean, really! If you stop and think about it for a moment, on the benefits laser tag has over paintball is that your players don’t get bruised when they are hit. Apart from the question as to how to get public liability insurance about inflicting pain on your customers, why would you bring back a negative?

Gamers are smart.

Players simply wear gloves and this “feature” become ineffective. I have been told by some operators who got the electrocution feature simply turn it off because it is a bad idea.

A Quality Commercial Weapon

Wanted to let you know that we received the Morita Sniper Rifles. They are GREAT!! Played with them all weekend! The Rifles look and feel great, we'll be taking them out in the field tomorrow. Love the adjustable butt stocks! The Spitfire Machine Pistols arrived on Friday afternoon and they work GREAT!! Thank you for the instructions, they were excellent. [HERE'S WHAT THEY SAID MORE THAN 2 YEARS LATER] "Thanks so much for the info. You guys are the best! No one here in the States has even come close to producing a quality commercial weapon. I always tell people that your weapons have held up to the abuse rental equipment takes. Minor issues and a quick fix with parts from Radio Shack have kept our repair costs to almost nothing. Thanks again ... we're still having fun!!
Nadine, New Hampshire, USA

Your Battlefield Business - The Reason We Exist

At Battlefield Sports we champion and inspire business owners to achieve their best through live gaming. It is what we do better than anyone else.

Our live gaming equipment has more than 300 emulations.

Depending on what you want to do, the system can be pre-set and locked. So you literally can turn the units on with a key and start blaster. It is set and forget!

Or, the sky's the limit.

More Than 300 Emulations

The system can emulate pistols, sub machine guns, carbines, sniper rifles and more. The system can emulate tanks and bombs! It can even emulate sci-fi weapons like ray guns and laser sabers. It can also emulate cross-bows and melee weapons. Not to mention it can emulate zombies and monsters and even emulate spells and shields.

The list goes on!

Each emulation has pre-set settings like range, damage, magazine clip, reload speed, rate of fire and likelihood of jamming.  

The laser tag weapon emulations come with “slots” so you can have a primary and secondary weapon with aids. When playing in the Battle Royale theme and a gamer gets to a Supply Crate then the players can collect extra ammunition or battle aids like bandages. In real-time game-play whatever is the best available weapon or bonus will automatically be allocated to the primary slot.

Our mission is to enable your business vision to become a reality. Unlike a franchise we do not impose a specific way of entertaining your gamers. In fact, our SATR digital laser tag equipment is so flexible you can theme your battlefield as a sci-fi, military simulation, or zombies or something in-between.

We have been inspired by our love of gaming and our enthusiasm to help others, just like you, to build a viable, thriving enterprise for you and your family. If you want to schedule your breakthrough 1 on 1 session, click here. 

Everything we do flows from our belief in creating a "stage" where people can experience exhilarating and memorable times. Our goal is to create one of the best times in a gamer's life - by tapping into the thrill of Hollywood action blockbusters and FPS video games.

The way we do this is by offering you gaming guns (laser tag equipment), gaming inflatables, and creating unique live gaming scenarios.

Laser Tag Equipment Explained

Battlefield Sports makes laser tag equipment to play live action games. This commercial laser tag equipment uses the patented SATR system.

The aim of game is to shoot the gamer's opponents, while avoiding being shot. Games have a mission objective which the gamers need to work together as a team to achieve. Using the SATR live gaming system you can literally play hundreds, if not thousands, of different missions. We've made it easy to get started with simple to follow run sheets for the most popular games like "Team Death Match" (aka "Team Elimination) or "Domination" (aka "Capture & Hold") or "Capture The Flag" or "Battle Royale". 

The gamers are equipped with a gaming gun with integrated infrared sensors. Gamers start the game at their base, out of sight of the opposition team. While the SATR system can enable friendly fire on or off, most games have friendly fire off.

While this may seem counter-intuitive, after all, real combat situations don't have friendly fire off, but believe me after years of experience running live gaming scenarios for all ages and all types of groups having the friendly fire off makes the referee (we call them a C.O.) life's much less stressful and the gamers' enjoyment level up.

Often, games are played around inflatables for mobile laser tag. Games are played in warehouse arenas for indoor laser tag. And games are played in forest and wooded fields for outdoor laser tag. Games are even played in Haunted Houses such as zombie laser tag.

There is a lot of action in live gaming.

Some may experience the "fog of war". Live gaming experiences are run to a set of rules. At the beginning of each gaming session the "C.O." (Commanding Officer) gives the gamers their Mission Briefing.

This briefing includes how to use the equipment, safety, and the mission objective. This C.O. is usually present on the battlefield to ensure the game runs smoothly.

Yes. Some say that outdoor laser tag is not "real" laser tag. Rather, they say, the indoor laser tag is the Real McCoy. Some say that mobile laser tag is not the way to go. Rather, they say, that laser tag in a fixed arena is the real deal. Fact is there are numerous ways to play the game of laser tag. 


Our friendly Battlefield Gurus are happy to help with your project.

Indoor vs Outdoor Laser Tag: Are They Both "Real" Laser Tag?

Some say that outdoor laser tag is not "real" laser tag. Rather, they say, the indoor laser tag is the Real McCoy. Some say that mobile laser tag is not the way to go. Rather, they say, that laser tag in a fixed arena is the real deal.

So how to you choose? Indoor vs Outdoor. Mobile vs Fixed.

Fact is there are many ways to skin a cat.

Laser Tag or live gaming can be played both indoors and outdoors. The game can be themed to be family friendly or as a military simulation. 

The theme that the laser tag business chooses will depend on where they plan to play, considering both the cultural fit in the local city and if the business will be run from a Family Entertainment Center or Theme Park, or as part of an Adventure Park or a stand-alone facility. 

indoor vs outdoor laser tag

What You See Is What You Get

One of the special features in this laser tag equipment is “what you see is what you get”. Traditional laser tag suppliers build one gaming gun model. And this model, just with a software change, can go from a pew-pew pistol with an indoor range of 15 meters / 50 feet and then switch to outdoor sniper model 100 meters / 330 feet. 

Sure, our system has four range modes: indoor, short, medium or long. 

So, you can adjust the shooting range via software settings.

But we go the extra mile.

You can also order gaming guns that are compact with a 40mm lens that have an average outdoor range of 80 meters / 300 feet (you can power them down for indoor game-play). And you can get gaming guns that are long-range with a 46mm lens like the Morita Sniper Rifle which has an average combat range of 150 meters / 500 feet. You could get more range if your opposition was not ducking and weaving and if it was dusk, etc. but this is an average.

Laser Tag Equipment Range Settings

The Battlefield Sports laser tag system has 5 range settings: 

  • long; 
  • medium; 
  • short; 
  • indoor; and 
  • melee. 

The long range setting issues maximum power. It is perfect for sniper shots, especially if the gaming gun model has the 46mm lens. But even with the smaller 40mm lens gamers can still effect long rang shots. This setting is best for outdoor or forest venues that have open terrain. 

Medium range is a versatile choice. It is best for  most outdoor laser tag events. Medium range setting on your laser tag guns works great for dense terrain, like forest or jungle. 

The short range setting is great for close quarter battles, or for big box format indoor games. If you are playing in a huge warehouse with long fire-lanes or in an urban combat facility then the short range setting is best for you.

The indoor range setting is just what is says: for indoor laser tag games. This equipment setting is good for traditional indoor laser tag arenas. This setting reduces the infrared power so it lessens the risk of infrared bounce on your arena walls. 

The melee range setting uses the digital radio system rather than infrared. This is perfect for zombies or monsters who may not have an actual laser tag gun. Instead they just need to get in close and they will start issuing damage on unsuspecting players! 

laser tag equipment range settings

What Impacts On Your The Combat Range?

The combat range of the laser tag equipment is actually impacted by several factors.

Factors such as the brightness of the sunlight can impact. (Are you playing at high-noon in the desert or twilight in dense woodland?)

Other factors that can impact on range is how clean the lens is. While the optics are made with precision glass if there is mud or dirt or dust clogging up the gaming gun barrel then the infrared will be not be able to be emitted as effectively.

Another factor that impact on your combat range is your scope. Does your scope need to be zeroed? If the scope is out of sync with your barrel then your aim could be off.

More, your opponent is trying to make it hard for you e.g. ducking and weaving. If you are shooting at a still target that will be easier than someone who is trying to hide.

What Do You Need To Play A Laser Tag Game?

Here's what you need to play a battle scenario:

  • Gaming Guns (we recommend a minimum of 3 vs 3)
  • A Key
  • Gaming accessories such as Battle Boxes (optional, but they add a lot to players' experience).

If you are running a force on force scenario then each player is equipped with a gaming gun. These gaming guns each have a Predator Muzzle System, integrated sensors and a scope.

The predator muzzle consists of nine hyper-bright LEDs (red, blue, and white) and in the center an infrared emitter. This means that there are cool light effects when the player shoots. 

gaming guns all turn on/off with a key

All gaming guns also have an integrated barrel sensor and a paired head-sensor. The barrel + head-sensor combo enables 360-degree hits. 

The gaming guns are also designed to work with a scope. 

Most have a custom red-dot scope that allows quick target acquisition. However, some models to have a little peep sight and some have telescope scopes for sniper shots.

If you are playing a fantasy scenario or zombie game, then some of your gamers such as actors who interact with your paying customers are equipped with a Quester. 

This model can be secreted into the actor's costume so your gamers can shoot the zombies!

key a laser tag game with a key
There are three ways to manage / start a laser tag game using the Battlefield Sports system. Three ways to control and configure the laser tag equipment. 1. Turn on/on the equipment with a key. 2. Use digital radio or infrared commands by a mobile game device called the "Master Controller". 3. Use a Windows app connected with a digital radio dongle called "SATR-HUB". 

How To Start A Game With This Laser Tag Equipment

There are three ways to manage / start a laser tag game using the Battlefield Sports system. 

Three ways to control and configure the laser tag equipment.

1. Start A Game With The Key

The simplest way to start a laser tag game is to turn the units on with the key and pull the trigger. You are ready to start blasting! All models are turned on / off with a key. 

Only the Battlefield Operators has the key. (This way your players cannot turn off their sensors! Or worse, their laser tag guns!) 

This turn-key start works best if all the units are pre-set on the "Lock-Out" mode. In this case half the laser tag guns are set to team red and half to team blue. Friendly fire is off red players can only tag blue players. Operators can switch friendly fire on if they prefer, but this makes the game MUCH harder. 

The system caters for up to 7 teams, but for a simple start most Operators usually divide the players into two teams. 

2. Start the Laser Tag Game With the Master Controller

The Battlefield Sports laser tag system is an independent system. In other words, you do not need to have the internet or wi-fi for the gear to work. Each unit has its own transceiver. In fact, that's why the system is called "SATR". 

SATR stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver, so every unit receives and transmits. The Master Controller is a dedicated unit to help the Battlefield Operator to gun the games. 

The controller has a myriad of options, but one of the most important is its global "Mission Start" function. The Operator navigates to that menu on the Controller's display and pulls the trigger. The digital radio will issue a command, so all the players start simultaneously. The laser tag system also has a built-in redundancy, so all units re-transmit the global start command. So, you can have players spread out across a big area of forest and they will all still start. (Likewise, the global stop / game-over also has this nifty peer-to-peer feature.) 

The SATR system can have up to around 2,000 players in one battle. But most Operators start small with, say, 20 to 50 gamers. Larger operations can entertain between 60 and 200 players (or even more!) at once. This give the Operator greater through-put and gives Operators room to grow their business.  

3. Start the Laser Tag Game Using the SATRWARE software 

The third way to start a laser tag game is with the SATRWARE software. The Battlefield Sports SATR3 system has two windows apps: SATR-HUB and SATR-SCORE. 

SATR-HUB is an excellent game management tool. Battlefield Operators can use SATR-Hub on a tablet or laptop. This displays just about all the functions of a master controller but on a bigger screen. The app works with a digital radio dongle which is simply inserted into a full-size USB port. 

The SATR-HUB app works in real-time with another windows app SATR-SCORE. This enables Operators to run ready-made scenarios such as:

  • Team Death Match (also called Team Elimination for a family-friendly theme)
  • Capture the Flag
  • Domination (also called Capture & Hold for family-friendly or Zombie Domination for a horror theme)
  • 3 Point Domination 
  • Rush
  • Heist
  • Free For All (solo) 
  • Battle Royale (up to 7 duos or up to 7 squads) 

And then Operators can display the gamers' results on a big monitor using a HDMI cable. 

The gamers' statistics can also be emailed to them after the same, so they can share the results on social media. 

The options for managing the game are vast. There are more than 300 emulations. In the Battle Royale theme alone there are 38 weapon emulations to select from. 

More, there are character pre-sets so gamers can act as a medic or a monster and lots more! 

Laser Tag Manufacturer: Sold in 55 Countries 

Our brand our laser tag equipment has been sold across the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and elsewhere. For example, we have sold our zombie laser tag gear to Thorpe Park in England. We have sold to many summer camps in the USA. We have even sold to a Royal Family (sorry we cannot tell you which one!).

As a laser tag manufacturer we have supplied laser tag equipment to arenas from Tennessee to Scotland. Yes, we've supplied laser tag gear to businesses from Andorra to Vietnam.

This world famous laser tag systems supplier has won numerous awards for our innovations. We stand behind the laser tag equipment we sell, read all about our bullet-proof guarantee.

Locally Manufactured

Keep up the good work and thank you for listening to customers' ideas and taking some of those things on board. The products are robust and locally manufactured. The service is very quick. Great service, friendly staff, timely feedback, great products (I have guns that are older than 10 years and still going strong.)
Robyn, Goombungee


Our friendly Battlefield Gurus are happy to help with your project.

SATR3 Inside Each Laser Tag Gun - Your Competitive Advantage 

SATR3 stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver. And the 3 stands for the third generation of this laser tag system. 

Although laser tag guns may be inspired by real-world weapons they are not firearms. They are simply gaming guns. We have a variety of models, some are realistic looking laser tag guns and some are more family friendly. 

There are no projectiles, rather the only thing laser tag guns emit is light. Or more specifically infrared light. They also feature a hyper-bright light from the muzzle flash. However you can configure the laser tag gun to not use the muzzle flash.

the P90

SFX & LFX of Laser Tag Weapons

The laser tag guns do have cool light effects (LFX).

The Battlefield Sports' laser tag guns work just like an oversized TV remote. But these laser tag guns are actually digital laser tag guns, and they also have RF real-time feedback. This is the basis of our patented technology.

These laser tag guns also have great sound effects (SFX).

Gamers can either shoot others, i.e. aim for other laser tag guns sensors or shoot targets, such as a domination box. When you tag an opponent the laser tag gun makes a sound effect so you know you've got them.

The most popular Laser Tag Gun models are the Cobra (for the family-friendly or "Battlefield TAG" theme) and the Scorpion (for those who want a metal laser tag gun) the popular realistic-looking models are the Honey Badger and the P90. Becoming more popular is the new Blaster/SATR AIR model. The SATR AIR model is designed to attach to an airsoft rifle for utmost realism. To check out our full range of laser tag gun models, click here

Customer Activity Has Nearly Doubled

We have been going to regular community festivals and fairs and gotten our name out there. We have a very high degree of confidence that we will expand next year. We have been forced to move into a larger play field, and purchase additional vehicles and laser tag guns just to keep up with demand. In fact, customer activity has nearly doubled. It is almost entirely repeat business. We also primarily work for the local chambers of commerce, local government, and schools multiple times each year handling their events and fundraisers. We are still primarily a mobile laser tag service - we do community events, fairs, and festivals.
David, Wilmington, NC USA

How do the Laser Tag Guns Work?

The hardware and software in the patented SATR system determines what types of games a Battlefield Sports center can play. Up to 8 different groups of players each called Battle Groups can play near-by without cross-fire. Within each Battle Group you can have up to 7 teams with friendly-fire off each team (but most operators run with A team versus B team). In other words, most centers just run one group "Battle 1" with two teams at a time. You can also turn Friendly-fire on but that makes the game much harder, especially for youngsters. 

Quite often everyone on a team uses the same Laser Tag Gun model has the same settings, though this is not necessary. For example, say you are running a portable attraction at a Village Fair or a school fete, then you will likely have a set up of all Cobras and all units will be set up the same way for a series of short fun games. But imagine you are going for a milsim scenario event then you are more likely to have an arsenal of different models each squad will probably have a Morita Sniper, five or so Honey Badgers or P90s, and then some more compact models like the Spitfires. Each of these laser tag gun models would have different firepower and settings but they all work together.

Laser Tag Gun Settings 

The laser tag gun setting options are:

Available settingsOptionsMost popular game settings
Game typeMore than 50 Scenario games are listed in the "Advanced Games Handbook"Domination, Battle Royale & Electronic Capture the Flag 
Game time (minutes)1 to 240 auto-timed. Or set to unlimited - some battlefields have run 12 or 24 hour scenario events

15 for woodlands

7 for indoor arenas

5 for fairs & festivals 

Number of lives (Hit Points)1 to 99 or unlimited

On the "Laser Tag/Battlefield TAG" Theme:

  • 5HP outdoors (standard difficulty)
  • 3HP indoors (hard  mode)

On the "Battlefield LIVE" theme, for realistic scenario games:

  • 25HP outdoors (standard)
  • 12HP indoors (hard) 

Number of shotsEach magazine capacity is set depending on which weapon the Gaming Gun is set to emulate or unlimitedUsing the P90  emulation gamers get 50 per magazine with 4 reloads, total of 5 magazines (250 ammo on each re-spawn)
Downtime (seconds) time between when a player is tagged & when they can shoot again

legendary = 1/4 second hard = 1/2 second

standard = 1 second
easy = 2 seconds

standard = outdoors

hard = indoors 

Head sensors Senors placed on headband on the head (center of the forehead /center of the back of the head) or placed on a separate vest


One team placing their headbands over a head wrap/bandanna i.e. no brim. And the other team using jungle hats i.e. with a full brim over the headband.

Barrel sensorOn. Penalizes blind firing.On
Friendly fireon/offoff
SATR's patented feature: Voice Feedbackon/offon (you can also set the volume)
Battle Box set as Medic BasesMedic boxes set to teams or re-spawn anyone. Press a button to respawn or use Spawn-Bot to auto respawn.Medic Boxes set to teams and place one in each team's base. Auto respawn.
Domination BoxUse one, two or three Domination Boxes. Shoot to control the box or press the button to control.One Domination Box placed in the middle of the battlefield. Shoot to control the box.
Mystery Box and other in-game PerksMystery Box - random upgrade (or downgrade) of weapon emulation within gun class or completely random. There are a lot of options! Within the Battlefield LIVE genre for example there are 110. Simple Mystery Box.

Weapons Easy To Use

Battlefield Sports offers good and solid equipment. I like the ease of the use of the weapons, and the easy replacement of parts. Keep up the good work.
Hans, the Netherlands

Tactical Laser Tag Guns

Unlike paintball, gamers using realistic laser tag guns do not have to pay for extra ammo. So the number of shots per game can be quite large. In a popular 15 minute domination game players can routinely fire 1,000 or 2,000 rounds, depending if the number of times a player re-spawns during the battle.

Because this game is basically a game of strategy with gamers ducking and weaving, most players achieve an accuracy rate of around 5% to 7%.

Downtime is the time after a player is tagged that they remain deactivated, before they can start shooting again. When a player has been shot, say 5 times (the operator can set the number of HP), their laser tag gun is de-activated and they need to return to their team's base press the button on the Medic Box to get a re-spawn.

Realistic Laser Tag

Battlefield LIVE is a great company for realistic laser tag. It puts all other laser tag companies to shame with the paintball feel & video game appeal. The products are reliable & the customer service is very good.
Stacy, VA United States


Our friendly Battlefield Gurus are happy to help with your project.