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Team Death Match: It's Dead Easy

Team death match 

Advanced Team Death Match  

The Death Match Game is simple. Your mission: eliminate the enemy.  It is known as "Team Death Match" or "TDM". 

Gamers fight a battle of attrition. The Advanced TDM adds in a Mystery armor and Mystery Weapon box. Both teams can be allocated these extra props. Or you can run the mission twice, which one side getting the perks in each round. These are placed near the center of the battlefield equally distant from each team’s base.  

The mission for both teams is to find and kill as many of the enemy as possible while minimizing friendly casualties in close quarters fighting. 

TDM game in the Battlefield LIVE Genre

Mission Briefing for TDM

Because this game is great for CQB it can be played indoors or in a mobile field. But it also plays well outdoors. Teams receive unlimited respawns from their own team’s Battle Box set as medic box (or as a combination box). The team with the least number of respawns plus any dead at mission end wins.

Gameplay includes basic gaming tactics or aiming and avoiding getting hit.

It is a great first game. 

Just about everybody has an itchy trigger finger when they first arrive at a Battlefield LIVE™ venue.

The Team Death Match mission is perfect to release some tension.

Roughly equal team sizes.

Teams start at opposite ends of the battlefield.

Each team gets unlimited re-spawns from their base and everyone gets 3 hit points (hits they can take before they must go back and get a respawn).

The battle box (set as a medic box) counts the number of respawns. The winning team is the one with fewer respawns.

You can also vary this mission by limiting the number of respawns.

The game usually goes for anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes, with an average of 15 minutes.

This mission is great warm-up/ice-breaker because every gamer, plays the whole mission and it is very forgiving of mistakes.

Suitable for beginners.


How To Integrate The Mystery Box Into the TDM Game Play

A good option is to position a mystery armor box about 50 paces towards the opposition team. 

Another 30 paces, towards the opposing team’s base, place a mystery box.  

The idea is the closer the gamer gets to the opposition team, the greater the potential rewards.

An Example Mission Briefing for the Advanced TDM 

“Ok. Listen up.  We are running a 15-minute team deathmatch. You have 15 minutes to kill the opposite team as much as possible while ensuring your team doesn’t die in the attempt. Keep your eyes up, hide and keep a lookout for any and all opposition. You have unlimited re-spawns to assist you, but remember each time you are killed, is one more point to the opposition. To make life harder for you, everyone’s hit points have been reduced to 12!

However, to give you a fighting chance of survival, a mystery armor box is close by. To trigger a random piece of body armor, push the green button on the box. Body armor absorbs damage. 

Then, and this is only for the born gamblers, further towards the enemy is a mystery box, this will give you a random weapon emulation from a selection of over 100. If you’re out of luck, you will end up with a terrible weapon like an ax or unarmed combat! For the lucky, however, there is a range of very powerful weapons like the MK 19 automatic grenade launcher or the 50-caliber machine gun. 

The grenade launchers have an area effect, if you hit one of the opposition team, all the enemy gamers nearby receive damage as well! You must be alive to activate a mystery and you can only attempt a mystery once a minute.  If you attempt to risk your luck again before the minute is out, your gaming gun will say “mystery lockout”. Mystery upgrades are kept between respawns. 

Let’s move!”

Team Elimination Game Briefing (Battlefield TAG Theme)

Here is a video game briefing for the "Team Elimination" game. 

This game uses the same game mechanics as TDM. But when changing theme all the semantics change.

Instead of "shooting", you are "tagging".

Instead of "killing", you are "de-activating". 

You get the idea. 


Inspiring Confidence

Good source, excellent resources and backup. Easy people to deal with straight shooters (excuse the pun) inspire confidence. Product does what it's supposed to do... well.
Dave, Fiji

Game Stores Required (in addition to Gaming Guns)

The gaming stores to run this Live-Play are:

Download the Team Death Match Run Sheet (Battlefield LIVE Theme)

This is a short, powerful booklet that shows you how to run the TDM game. (Give the form a moment to load.)

TDM Run sheet cover