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Reebok has an Eagle Eye on Team Work


Reebok's Eagle Eye on Team Work Creating a Thrilling Event for 200+

Reebok approached Battlefield Sports to create an unforgettable event for its quarterly marketing meeting.

Kathleen Donohue from the Reebok Marketing team wanted a thrilling team-building exercise.

In a collaborative effort battlefield operators from First Person Sports from New York, Video Game Parties from Pennsylvania and the Mission Combat Laser Tag from Massachusetts converted the field at Gillett Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, into a battlefield for 200+ Reebok combatants.

Keith Di Buono from First Person Sports coordinated the event.

The idea was to transform the New England Patriot’s practice field into a laser tag urban maze.

On May 7th two hundred employees from Reebok converged to experience in what turned out to be one of the most incredible events of the year.


"This is one of the most impressive venues of the year... Gillette Stadium. We at FPS want to thank all the staff from Reebok and Gillette Stadium who made this event such a success," said Keith Di Buono.

Up to 100 gamers competed at a time. There were four teams each of 50 gamers.

“Everyone loved it!” said Kathleen.

“The event went very well, and everyone from Reebok was raving about it,” she said. “Thank you again! This was a great success!”

Tactical Laser Tag Event in the USA

"This was one of the largest games of Tactical Laser Tag the United States has ever seen," said Keith.

Dan Sauerwald from Video Game Parties brought along his overhead flying drone camera system. The video clip offers an eagle-eye on the game-play.

The Battlefield LIVE technology scales up to team building for very large groups. The current world record stands at 436 players at once this was a massive event that was hosted by Battlefield Sports HQ in Australia.

Reebok is a global brand that creates and markets sports and lifestyle products built upon heritage and authenticity in sports and fitness. Headquartered in Massachusetts it is committed to boosting creativity and challenging the status quo in its crew.



What big events do you have planned for 2020?