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How to Become an Award Winning Business



How to Become an Award-Winning Business

and the winner is Nicole Lander's first foray into the laser tag industry was in 1999 when she opened the first outdoor laser tag club in Australia, which became known as "Laser Skirmish".

She has since gone on to build a thriving and award-winning entertainment company in Australia which has exported to more than 50 countries, "Battlefield Sports".

Nicole shares her journey and business advice.

Battlefield Sports / Battlefield LIVE (Laser Skirmish)

Nicole began her laser tag business, with her husband Peter, in 1999.

They started with some home-made laser tag guns they sourced via the internet from the United Kingdom and some toys they sourced via eBay which they modified.

They started running outdoor laser tag games, something never seen before in Australia.

This local events business first went by the name "Laser Skirmish" later the duo also added the brand "Battlefield LIVE".

Laser Skirmish runs family-friendly events such as birthday parties and sports team break-up celebrations.

Whereas Battlefield LIVE runs team building activities for adults.

“Our goal is to create a memory that gamers will never forget, and by utilizing our knowledge from the hundreds of thousands of events we've organized, we strive to create something special each and every event. We started with around 50 laser tag guns now have more than 1,000 in our arsenal,” says Nicole.

Create an Award-Winning Business

  1. Challenge Yourself. "We strive for continuous and never-ending improvement. We always ask ourselves: Can this be done better? Innovation is our life-blood. We listen to our local customers and our battlefield operators so we can stay ahead of the pack," said Nicole.
  2. Nominate Yourself. “Put your hand up. Entering awards demonstrates your commitment to your business and its integrity. And you'd be surprised many awards are actually free to enter. Win and you'll create a buzz. Winning the Telstra Business Woman of the Year for Innovation has opened up a lot of PR and networking opportunities,” said Nicole.
  3. Have Policy. Having detailed procedures and processes enables you to systemize your business. "You cannot keep all your company policies in your head, especially as your workforce grows, you need to have clear company policies and apply them equitably," said Nicole.
  4. Invest in Yourself. "It is important to re-invest your profits into growing your business. We started small and as demand grew we expanded our capacity. Now we hold the world record for the biggest laser tag game ever played with 436 gamers at once!" said Nicole.