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Summer Camps Beam Up Enrollments With New Fun & Games

Making A Difference To Gamers' Lives

Summer Camps Beam Up Enrollments With Laser Tag

A Summer Camp in the Adventure Lane 

Many summer camps sell out when the kids know if some laser tag is on the program.

Our brand of equipment has proven popular for many Summer Camps because the kids can play either indoors or outdoors.

This video is an example of Oasis Oaks Camp using outdoor laser tag games in their program.

If the summer camp has multiple campuses, even better, because the laser tag gear is 100% portable.


Here's what Cedar Springs Camp located in Washington said about Battlefield LIVE.

Battlefield LIVE is not just laser tag, think of paintball (without the mess and pain), airsoft (but no pellets everywhere), and first-person shooting games (except with exercise built-in) into one amazing sport. The versatility and durability of the gaming equipment allow missions to be played in any climate and infrared technology means players can battle anywhere (no more cheesy neon!). All the games and missions in the popular first-person video games are taken to the next level and can be played on our battlefields.

Summer camps across the United States have benefited from adding some laser tag to their activities program.

"Our new laser tag equipment was great this summer. It worked well. I can't thank you enough for helping us get it. It was a big hit with our campers and staff and I know it helped make camp memorable for them. Thank you!! Have a great day. God bless." Justin S. McKinney, Program Director The Oaks Camp, Lake Hughes, CA, USA.

Entertainment for the Whole Family 

Laser Tag Lighting UP Hamilton Island Resort 

Hamilton Island Resort Adds Laser Tag

Battlefield Sports supplied laser tag equipment to Hamilton Island for their new hi-tech attraction where everyone is locked and loaded to play some fun games. To call Hamilton Island Resort directly about playing laser tag please phone +61 7 49468305.

This new attraction means you can level up your vacation with a fun laser tag experience.

The laser tag games are able to be played either day or night.

Holiday kids have the energy to burn so laser tag offers loads of adrenaline and fun.

Just like a live video game gamers are issued with laser tag phasers with integrated red-dot scopes. 

Laser Tag at Hamilton Island Resort

Gamers vie for victory as a team. It is the red team versus the blue team.

Could it be kids versus parents or boys versus girls? Whatever the draw the laser missions will offer some exhilarating fun.

A Spectacular Tourist Destination in the Heart of the Great Barrier Reef 

Hamilton Island is a spectacular tourist destination. It is located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands.

Hamilton Island is one of the world's most renowned, family-friendly holiday destinations, with a huge selection of fun, inexpensive and memorable activities to suit all ages.

Together with activities, tours and food and wine, there are lots of activities on offer for the whole family at Hamilton Island.

The youngest members of the family and those young at heart will find new ways to play while on vacation. 

Children aged six to 14 years with a sensor of adventure can tackle Quads for Kids course or kick out a few rounds of mini-golf, or play a scenario of laser tag. Laser Tag at the Tennis Courts is part of Hamilton Island's daily guest activities.

"Wow, what a difference it makes having reliable laser tag equipment. We are very happy with your product and operated hassle-free for the school holiday period. I can’t thank you enough for helping us get through this process and setting us straight again. Jacqui and the team are now looking at improving our offering and growing the business. You have one (of many) satisfied customer here," said Dan Agresta, Manager Island Activities.

Book through the tour desk to give young and the young-at-heart a thrilling experience.

Getting The Kids Engaged

Camp Hale Koa Getting Kids & Teens Engaged With Laser Tag

Camp Hale Koa Now Can Engage Groups Up To 20 With Laser Tag

Summer Camps across the United States of America have entrusted Battlefield Sports for their commercial laser tag supply.

Camp Hale Koa is located in Hawaii.

It specializes in youth groups, adult retreats, and family camps.

And now they can engage the youth with new team games using laser tag equipment.

summer camp in HI
The Camp is expanding its activities including a terrific new game option for groups - Laser Tag.

The Camp can now cater for a group of up to 20 people playing at once, day or night.

"Please let us know if you would like to add a game of Laser Tag on to your experience at camp and we will put you in touch with our game master for info on scheduling, cost, etc," said Rick Bundschuh.

"The gear is great. We use it at our camp and our church," said Rick.

Hale Koa is a 503c Non Profit organization dedicated to seeing lives enriched and changed.

Find out more about Camp Hale Koa, click here.

Police Citizens Youth Club Missing Is Youth Development

A Spirited Game Of Laser Tag at the PCYC

PCYC is for The Youth

On Saturday, October 27, the Dysart Blue-light Association kicked off its first laser tag event at the Dysart Recreation Center.

The Blue-Light Association is part of the Police Citizen Youth Club network.

PCYC working for the Youth

It was a spirited game of laser tag!

Police were so impressed when 130 kids turned up for the event.

The Dysart Blue-light Association was able to host this event with the assistance of the Emerald PCYC. 

The Dysart team would like to give a big thank you to Emerald PCYC for assisting with the event.

A big thank you also goes out to the kids and families who came along and joined in on the fun!

Our appreciation also goes to the Isaac Regional Council for sponsoring us with a community grant which made the event possible. 

Keep an eye out for more events throughout Dysart, thanks to the Blue Light Association.

For more info and more photos, from the Dysart Blue-Light Association click here.

One of the Best Investments

South Australia is in a fairly good position. We are observing social distancing but that requirement is for adults not kids or students.
We held our first camp last week [since the lock-down] and currently running a full camp. So good to be up and running camps !
Our first laser tag session is in two weeks and schools are chaffing at the bit to get into the games again. Still very impressed with level and variety of game-play and scenarios with Battlefield Sports' system. It's one of the best investments we’ve made and due to the excellent platform, it's as popular as ever.

Steve Schmidt, CYC Campsite El Shaddai