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SATR-Go! A New Mobile Scoreboard App

Gamer Centered Entertainment 

New Scoreboard App for Mobile Laser Tag: "SATR-GO!" 

Real-Time Scoreboard on the Move! 

Battlefield Sports latest Software App is Best for Mobile Operators. 

Experience What You've Been Missing

Download the Free Trial, scroll down & complete the form then we will email you the link.

The SATR-Go app enables you to score the 8 most popular Laser Tag games:

  • Team Death Match (aka TDM and Team Elimination)
  • One Point Domination (aka 1 Point Capture & Hold)
  • Three-Point Domination (aka 3 Point Capture & Hold)
  • Battle Royale: Squads
  • Capture the Flag 
  • Heist (aka Treasure Hunt) 
  • Free For All 
  • Rush.

The SATR live-action gaming engine enables gamers to play just about anywhere, right out of the box. 

Gamers don't need a smartphone, or Wi-FI, or Bluetooth connection. 

The taggers interact with each other and the SATR-GO mobile scoreboard app. 

Operators can play indoors or outdoors, day or night. 

SATR-go package
The previous version of SATRWARE consisted of two apps SATR-HUB and SATR-SCORE. This software was designed for Family Entertainment Centers at a fixed venue. An FEC that has a local area network of computers and multiple HDMI monitors. 

SATR-Go is more streamlined.

SATR-GO! In Detail

This new version of the real-time scoring app is designed with the mobile laser tag operator in mind. 

Whereas the SATR-HUB app covered all the functions of the Full Master Controller, this new SATR-GO the app covers the Simple Controller functions.

heist game

SATR-GO Commands

There are 12 pre-set commands.

The commands included in SATR-Go are: 

  • Mission (or Game)
  • Timer
  • Briefing 
  • Start
  • End
  • Refresh
  • Phrase (in game & post game)
  • Switch
  • Volume
  • Find
  • Un-Find
  • Theme
  • Battle (Game #)

team elimination -- battlefield TAG

The first option is "Mission" this enables the Mobile Laser Tag Operator to select one of the 8 pre-set games (listed above).  

The second option is the "Timer". Here you can set the duration of the game. Operators can set Hours and Minutes. Up to 23 hours and between 1 and 59 minutes. So you can have a game as short as 1 minute or as long as 23 hours and 59 minutes. 

The third option is "Briefing". The briefing will pause all gamers and clear the statistics. This is so the Operator can give a Mission Briefing to the players. The start function will start all the units at are set in the Battlegroup that the units are set to. (You can have up to 8 battle groups in close proximity without cross-fire.) 

treasure hunt - battlefield fantasy

The "End" function will end all the units at once. 

The "Refresh" function is a request to get all the latest scores and real-time statistics outside of the automatic pinging the system already does.

The "Phrase" function is a shortlist of in-game voice-over phrases. These are also post-game phrases for group management such as: "Change Ends" or "Red Team is Victorious!". 

The "Switch" function sends a signal to the Battle Boxes. Specifically, the blue team medic box will switch to act as a red team medic. Likewise, if playing the Capture the Flag game, the flag boxes will switch teams. Also, if you are playing Heist, the Vault boxes will also automatically switch teams. 

domination - battlefield live

The "Volume" function will change the volume on all the devices. You can select from off, low, medium, or high.  

My favorite is function is "FIND". This will, via digital Radio, confirm everything is turned off. If the devices aren't off, then they will start issuing a loud "Siren" sound effect. Warning! This is very loud!!

Just in case, you triggered that FIND command accidentally there is an "UN-FIND" function. This will stop the find command.

The "Theme"Function can set the gaming theme. 

capture the flag sci fi theme

The Radio Dongle

Just like our other Windows apps, SATR-HUB & SATR-SCORE, you need a digital radio dongle. (This other apps are best for a fixed, indoor laser tag arena or FEC, rather than a mobile operation.)

This dongle is inserted into a full-sized USB port in your laptop of tablet.

It connects your computer to the gaming units via digital radio.

radio dongle

Operators can select from the following gaming themes: 

  • Battlefield TAG 
  • Battlefield ROYALE
  • Battlefield LIVE
  • Battlefield UNDEAD
  • Battlefield FANTASY
  • Battlefield CIVIL WAR
  • Battlefield SCI-FI

Each one will change the graphics and the look and feel of the scoreboard. 

SATR-Go allocates random aliases to the players, automatically.

The mobile scoreboard is easy to use.

Download the User Guide for this mobile scoreboard app, click here.

It is designed to run on a single Windows 10 laptop or tablet.


Tablet or Laptop or PC will need the following requirements as a minimum:     

  • Windows 10 
  • 4 Gig RAM     
  • Storage Capacity: 32GB     
  • At least one full-sized USB port     

Free 14 Day Trial

Want to see SATR-Go! for yourself? You can download a free 14 day trial



For a limited time only, Battlefield Sports has a special offer: if you order 20 or more new Taggers we will include the SATR-Go! and a Digital Dongle as part of the package.

Have you recently ordered your SATR-Go license? Are you ready to get started? Please email Peter@battlefieldsports.com to get the google drive location & instructions to install and run it.

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