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Battlefield Technology Takes Airsoft to the Next Level

Battlefield Sports Technology Takes Airsoft to the Next Level

M4 with satrair image
Battlefield Sports is proud to introduce its new airsoft accessory, SATRAIR.
The SATR Air unit can be attached to any AEG via a standard weaver rail.

The unit can either can be attached to the barrel of an airsoft rifle or under-slung.

Pictured right is a SATRAIR unit attached to an undersized M4 Terminator Jinming blaster.

The SATRAIR unit houses a laser tag system that has more than 350 emulations including AK47, M16A2, H&K G36, British L85, and many more.

Instead of plastic pellets propelled by electricity or compressed gas, the laser tag system emits infrared and works with digital radio feedback for long-range gaming.

Air gun warriors can now accurately emulate their replica's capabilities with exact ammunition counts and rate of fire simulations.

"The new SATR AIR airsoft accessory has loads of features. With its ultra-compact and ultra-light design, and a pioneering unit configuration that enables battlefield operators to forego its native trigger and handle and instead attached the unit to an airsoft AEG rifle. This means that operators can customize the weapon models to suit their local markets," said Nicole Lander co-Founder, Battlefield Sports. 

Battlefield Sports is a multi-award winner famous for its flexible and innovative live gaming engine, SATR.
Now the company offers a new type of airsoft accessory technology to enhance soft air live-action role plays.

Contact your local consultant to order your SATRAIR units today.
SATRAIR close up  

SATRAIR Unit Specs

  • Weight: 0.85kgs/1.9lbs
  • Unit Length: 32cm/12.6"
  • Default Lens Size: 40mm (2½")
  • Standard issue color: black (with optional upgrade red/blue tube)
  • Recommended environments Day/Night Indoor or Outdoors
  • Estimated Combat Range: 100m

CASE STUDY: Mango Hill Skirmish Adds SATR-AIR to Airsoft Rifles

mango hill skirmish -1
mango hill skirmish 2
mango hill skirmish 3

SATR-AIR Added to the Mango Hill Arsenal

Mango Hill Skirmish has added a set of SATR-AIR units to their Gel Blaster Rifles.  

Mango Hill Skirmish is located in Brisbane, Australia.

The battlefield offers laser skirmish (outdoor laser tag), paintball, and gell ball rifles.

The team has added the SATR Air units to enhance their gell blaster rifles.

SATR Air includes Optik sensors for gameplay, indoors or outdoors.
Its design also integrates the predator Muzzle Flash which has tri-colored-hyper-brights.
A Red Dot Scope is optional.
The unit’s construction is tough Polycarbonate.

Weighing in from 0.85 kilograms or 1.9 pounds, it is lightweight.


The unit’s standard issue color is black (with an optional upgrade to a red or blue tube).

The unit's Length is 32cm or 12.6 inches, so it is compact.

SATR-AIR can attach to the top of an airsoft rifle. Or you can attach it under-slung.
This SATR-AIR accessory can even be attached to a nerf gun!

The SATR-AIR unit is so versatile you can even use it as part of cosplay.

For more info about SATR-AIR contact visit BattlefieldSports.com

Battlefield Sports brings you its new SATR-AIR

This new unit is designed to be an Airsoft Rifle or Cosplay accessory in Chile.

airsoft accessory
airsoft satr-air

SATR-AIR Airsoft or Cosplay Accessory 

The SATR-AIR unit from Battlefield Sports is designed as an airsoft accessory. Battlefield Sports employed the design company Design Works to design the SATR-AIR unit for them.

The Battlefield LIVE Chile field created some cool cosplay playing Aliens. They attached a SATR Air unit to some of the gamer's forearms.

This new compact unit is sure to be popular with battlefield operators because it is so light while being robust.

There are two options for the lens size:

  • Standard - 40mm lens
  • Sniper - 46mm lens 

SATR-AIR comes with the latest patented live gaming system.


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