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Interactive Zombie Laser Tag Games

Battlefield UNDEAD: A Haunted & Horror Theme


Zombie Laser Tag: We call this theme "Battlefield UNDEAD"

Zombie games are booming.

Imagine this: A thrilling fusion of haunted house scares and intense laser gaming. This is a new interactive thrill this season. Gamers experience navigating a maze (either indoors or outdoors) and defeat the evil zombie horde. Be alert!

The SATR laser tag system offers great zombie game support. The new generation SATR laser tag technology goes even further - with support for not only zombies but loads of other monsters as well. SATR3 supports vampires and a huge range of monster weapons. Find out how zombie laser tag can boost your business, book a 1 on 1.

Here's an example video case study of a Battlefield Operator using the "Battlefield UNDEAD" theme. 


Great Zombie Games

We upgraded all of our laser tag guns and I had a team experiment with the Zombie mode. You guys did a great implementation. I think we can create some great games around this new functionality. We have been talking about games with the domination features as well. This upgrade is definitely worth the time!
John Pittman, TX, USA

zombie laser tag Survivors could become infected and morf into Zombies! And gamers could find their own clan turning on them. Your Haunted House, Corn-Maze, or haunted hayride can create a back-story that suits your attraction.

This is a multi-player, interactive attraction that is a perfect add-on. This new attraction draws fans who appreciate a good scare. And those who are seeking something a bit more interactive this year.

Consider - Where to Play

The first step is to consider what sort of location you want to operate your laser tag business, namely:

  • indoor
  • outdoor
  • mobile, or a
  • combination.

Other Considerations

You might also want to consider, will your Battlefield UNDEAD be:

  • A. player vs zombie actors (recommended)
  • B. player vs player vs zombie actors or 
  • C. player vs player with players being the zombies?

What hours will it be operating? What is the rough size of the haunted house? Are you wanting any other monsters or only zombies?

Which will be a greater focus, high throughput or immersive experience? If you are running a very high through-put facility then you may consider getting several sets of units. Such as one set for the gamers who are getting briefed, one set for games inside the haunt and one set for gamers returning their kit. 

What is your Target Market for Battlefield UNDEAD?

The target audience that is interested in Battlefield UNDEAD is broad.

The good thing about the zombie theme is that you can create an experience that is best for all ages.

You can go with a 'family-friendly' approach or ramp-up the fear-factor and leave even the most hard-core jocks shaking in their socks.

Zombie Zone

While walk-through attraction remains the main-stay of many horror attractions. Innovators are also looking to expand their offering from simply a crypt walk or horror hay-ride by adding a Zombie Zone.

Likewise, if your city is running a Halloween parade then the festival at its climax is perfect for a zombie laser tag game. Using our gaming inflatables you can set up an "instant" maze, even as small an area as 50ft x 50ft (15m x 15m). Then you can run short, say 5 minutes, Zombie Domination games.

Next Step

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