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Battlefield UNDEAD Theme Game: Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival GAme in the Battlefield UNDEAD Gaming Theme

The Battlefield UNDEAD Theme's Zombie Survival Game 

The Battlefield UNDEAD Zombie Survival Game is one of the easiest games to run as a Battlefield operator. It is also a popular game from a gamer's point of view as well.

Divide the group into two, roughly equal size, teams. 

zombie survival game

Portable Zombie Attractions 

The zombie survival game is a thrilling portable attraction. 

Operators will need some extra Battle Boxes to act as live gaming props, ideally 5.

How To Play The Zombie Survivor Game

In SATR3 set the language to "Horror". 

Set the game time for 15 minutes (for outdoor games) for 5 to 7 minutes (for indoor games or mobile games with an inflatable maze).

Whether it be a dense forest, urban battlefield, or indoor arena.

Play on a battlefield with a mix of buildings or woods.

  • Team “Zombies” versus Team “Survivors” Zombies start with 16 hit points
  • Survivors start with 25 hit points.
  • Survivors are armed with semi-automatic rifles.
  • Zombies should have small gaming guns like Blasters or Cobras.

  • Each game 1/2 of the gamers are survivors with 1/2 Zombies.
horror movie camp out PHOTO CREDIT Kranky Kat

Gamers can not move the Battle Boxes.


Survivors: Kill as many Zombies as possible and survive for 15 minutes againstthe Zombie horde.

Zombies: Kill all the survivors within the game time. Zombies receive an unlimited number of respawns from the medicalResearch

Facility set up on one end of the field (team A). Survivors receive125% respawns (so if they have 20 survivors, they get 25 respawns).


If there are no survivors left alive when the mission ends, then the Zombies win, otherwise the Survivors win.

Zombie Survival Game Run-Sheet

Download the Zombie Survival Game Run Sheet, click here

zombie survival game