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Zombie Game Mode

zombie melee packZombie Melee Pack works with our SATR2 and the new SATR3 software. What it does is emit a pulse so if a zombie gets close to a gamer they can hit them (even without a gaming gun). Just like in the movies, gamers need to hit the zombies in the head to get them.

There are two hardware options:

  1. A black plastic pack with SATR electronics including LCD, main board, 3 buttons plus a special Zombie head sensor with infrared emitter. Zombie Masks or costumes are not included. The idea, however, is that actors can discretely place the pack within their costume. 
  2. Upgrade a Battlefield Sports gaming gun, such as a Cobra to include the special Zombie head sensors.  This is so you can still use the gaming gun in regular battle games as well as for special characters during Zombie games

Zombie Theme

The SATR2 technology enables your battlefield to entertain your customers with a zombie theme

There are many software options with SATR2 & SATR3. You can select participants to be Zombies or Survivors. There is an easy to run “Haunted” mode or get adventurous with our advanced “Apocalypse” mode.  

Zombie Games

What missions to play when running with a zombie theme? One popular game is Zombie Domination. 

  • EMULATION - ZOMBIE RANGE  - Very short range setting: 2 meters/6 feet. Defaults to very short range.
  • COLOR Polycaboronate Black box. 
  • SCOPE No Red Dot. 
  • BATTERY Includes rechargeable battery
  • WEIGHT 1.1lbs / 0.5kg