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zombie laser tag

Get the Power of Zombie Laser Tag... Without Complicated Installation

All the most powerful secrets, tips, insights, innovations & trends that have EVER been written on Live Gaming and how you can apply them to Your Battlefield Business.

Zombie Laser Tag is the latest trend in live gaming. With our zombie technology, you can thrill your customers with the best zombie games. Plus the gear is simple to use and straightforward to set up - in fact, it REALLY is a turn-key operation.  Welcome to "Battlefield UNDEAD."

Zombie games can be played either indoors or outdoors, in a mobile attraction or a fixed battlefield venue.

Experience is the new fun. Battlefield LIVE™ now has Zombie Game experiences.

It's a completely new combat entertainment - with zombies!

Complete with awesome sound effects the new Zombie Tech enables gamers to play out a series of post-apocalypse Live-Plays.


Battlefield LIVE™ equipment is 100% portable, tough, weather-proof.

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Top of the Line

It’s really neat. We’ve been working with Battlefield Sports. They are literally top of the line when it comes to laser tag guns. There are really good laser tag guns and really bad laser tag guns. I wanted them to be the best. Zombie Laser Tag is so interactive, very theatrical. We put on so many shows and productions — I like to do things like that. It’s very interactive and touches on all the senses
Steve Jordan, West Virginia USA

Zombie Games - Selection for your Laser Tag Equipment

If you are going to a family-friendly zombie experience then we would recommend Cobras and Commandos.

Or if you prefer a hard-core zombie theme then we recommend Spitfire Uzis and P90s.

Either way, these are the best zombie games brought to you by Battlefield LIVE™. Zombie games are team-oriented combat games that are played in a variety of different locations such as haunted houses, warehouses or on purpose-built battlefields.

Further, with Battlefield Sports™’ equipment, the game can be completely mobile, so you can bring the entertainment right to your customer.

Leaves Laser Tag Behind

These gaming guns leave laser tag and paintball so far behind that it’s incomparable
The Ubisoft games designers

SATR technology is inspired by military technology for combat simulation training. The core technology used by Battlefield Sports™ is infrared light. Some of the Battlefield LIVE™ core concepts developed by Battlefield Sports that have transformed living gaming are:

  • No individuals score – totally team focused on objectives
  • The game balance between weapons – the holy grail of good game design
  • What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)
  • What you hear is what you get.

battlefield undead New battlefields have opened across Australia, the UK, Europe, the United States, and elsewhere.

Zombie Gaming

Since doing zombie gaming my venue has increased by 40%
Paul, England