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FAQ SECTION 5: History, Management & Company Vision

Q: I see that Battlefield Sports is an Australian company - are you a stable and well-organized group?
A: Battlefield Sports is a stable company. More than 400 venues, all over the world, use our equipment. Over the years we have seen many "competitors" come and go, they try to sell gaming guns cheap to people who are not really looking at the business in-depth. If you are looking for a smart, reliable and stable partner then we really are the company to choose. Based in Australia our success has been duplicated in many countries and local markets. Our plan works, over and over again.

Q: What support does Battlefield Sports offer us if we become a customer?
A: Because we have operated our own commercial battlefields for the last decade covering indoors, woods, urban and mobile we have a wealth of experience for operators to draw upon. We have written a book on the subject, of how to run a Battlefield LIVE business called "Right on Target." Further services are available...

  • Success Conferences
  • Training Visits
  • Management & Operations Manual i.e. the book "Right on Target"
  • Marketing and PR Materials suggestions
  • Facility Layout advice
  • Management & Operational Systems
  • Guest/Membership Registration advice
  • Tech support
  • Business support.

In fact, we have owners only, online Battlefield Sports University where we provide lots of useful collateral. Everything from coupon design to radio advertising scripts.

Battlefield Sports University

Nicole, I have just started perusing the Battlefield Sports University website & I see all of the fantastic work you have done on it. [Your book] Right on Target...is an excellent guide book on steps that you need to take to open & ways to approach different situations. I have taken a lot of notes & following your guidance there. We are launching our business at a local city event, & I was going to sit down & write an article like you suggest to help bring more people into our area for the event. I was struggling on how to start this article, & I thought...maybe there is "sample" article that will help me get started. Holy cow...you have media releases & all ready planned out.... all I have to do is plug my name & my company name... YOU ARE MY HERO... Like I said, I am only 2 weeks into the University....so I know I have only seen the tip of the iceberg... but I wanted to tell you thank you for all your help...so far. I am looking forward to learning a lot more from you & Peter.
Jeanie, WI, USA

Q: Why is this a great lifestyle business?
A: Giving so many people such a good time face to face is a tremendous kick. This is a lot of fun to run. It is also a very healthy choice, you are in the outdoors, often in the woods and getting fit at the same time, surrounded by people who are having a blast and exercising at the same time what could be better?

Q: I know you guys don't think you have any competitors but if I want to buy equipment elsewhere who would you recommend?
A: Look, we invented this outdoor game and continue to expand it as a worldwide phenomenon, in the course of this we attracted distributors to us who decided they could "improve" on our technology. In our opinion ALL the other companies selling this kind of infra-red equipment are of questionable ethics, why do we say this? Well, we have seen so many go bust and we know from personal experience how much work goes into making this business work well. If you don't want to buy a business, which is what we sell, and if you JUST want gaming guns we have only one recommendation, Laser Sports in the UK, they have reliable equipment for many years now. Other companies? Ask LOTS of questions including REAL references for fields making money, ask how long their equipment has been in use and INVESTIGATE the backgrounds of the owners of these companies before you part with your cash. Don't believe their hype....get at least six references and ask them exactly what they are going to provide you in terms of business support.

Q: Who are the people behind Battlefield Sports, where has the vision to create this company come from?
A: The creator of the concept and visionary gamer behind Battlefield Sports is Peter Lander who has been developing this concept for over 20 years. Starting with nothing but a bright burning and clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish Peter has developed and launched a worldwide phenomenon that continues to grow. Peter was born in Adelaide and was raised in Far Northern Queensland, as a youth his big three passions in life were Business, Table Tennis and gaming, he was a fanatic for all three in his early 20s. After finishing his computer science degree he dedicated all his free time to create the ultimate combat game. It took many years and travel down a bunch of blind alleys but eventually, he was able to gather a team around him who caught his vision. The rest is history....in the making.