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What you See is What you Get

satr displayCurrent trends in movies and computer games is for modern and near future genres rather than far future, this trend is a driver towards the more "realistic" style of live play. We believe in "what you see is what you get" or WYSIWYG.

That's why we believe small gaming guns should have less ammo than larger ones. That small ones should be quieter than the big gaming guns, etc.

WYSIWYG is the future of Live Gaming

S*A*T*R is so flexible, on boot up you can completely change the Sound effects and display from a Battlefield LIVE theme to a softer laser tag theme. So you can go from "Kill Confirmed" to "De-activated" even the display changes.

Once you have a scheme that suits you, you can set & forget, because the system remembers what it was booted to last time.