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why choose battlefield sports

Why Choose Battlefield Sports.

Find out Why our Clients Love Us

Would you like to work with a laser tag equipment supplier who is constantly researching new and innovative game-play?

Would you like to work with someone who believes in creating a “stage” where people can experience thrilling and memorable times?

Battlefield Sports has worldwide appeal. 

More, its SATR laser tag system is flexible.

The team at Battlefield Sports wrote the book on commercial outdoor and tactical laser tag. We are the pioneers in this sector.

If you need bespoke consultancy on battlefield design, referee training or marketing we are here to assist your business be a success. Then ask us how we can make your business vision a reality. 

Our goal is to create one of the best times of their lives, by tapping into the thrill of first-person shooter games and Hollywood action blockbusters.
Battlefield Sports offers a "Battlefield Business" that's a dream business. Battlefield Sports offers you award-winning technology.

Battlefield Sports has worldwide appeal.

Battlefield Sports gives you flexible technology.

Battlefield Sports offers lots of resources for battlefield operators to help you run Your Battlefield Business. We wrote the book on building a Battlefield Business.
There are a laser tag equipment package and business model to suit you:

The first thing we believe in is creating the experience. Do you love creating scenarios for people where the gamers can experience being a hero for a day? Do you love creating "worlds"?  Then this laser tag equipment is for you. In the past, we did it virtually either in table-top role-playing or via software development.

Now, with Battlefield LIVE, we have gone further, now we have made the tools (or props) so you too can create a 3d immersive experience.

The second thing we believe is a team experience. Rather than the old fashioned way of ranking individuals from the best to the worst and display your score on the foyer monitor, Peter and Nicole believe in a group effort.

Nicole is a storyteller.

Peter is a game master.

Do you like to create challenges for your players? Some barriers that the gamers must over-come, as a team, if they are to feel the rush of victory?

Because of their gaming background, the Lander duo believes in “what you see is what you get” so a small gaming gun should have a shorter range than the sniper rifle. It is all part of being able to suspend disbelief, being able to get engrossed in the game. It is an opportunity to be bold, you with your intrepid band of brothers (or sisters) bravely going once more into the breach!

These are the reasons why Battlefield Sports has challenged the industry’s status quo.

This is a new range of gaming guns. Gaming guns which are built to last and intuitive to use. And from a technology standpoint, with the patented SATR system, this laser tag equipment is the most sophisticated gaming guns on the market today. SATR has loads of features, but the killer feature is its real-time instant hit-feedback. So, no matter what terrain, indoors or outdoors, you know, instantly, when you got 'em!

This is a great range of gaming inflatables. The patented gaming inflatables called "hero" inflatables are dual-layered so the instead of ballooning like traditional paintball bunkers, they appear flat, like real-life walls, doors, and windows. In a mobile setting, enable customers to either to be the best attraction on the fairground or whet their appetite with a 5-minute fun experience and drive business to your combat entertainment destination. Or, in an indoor arena, our gaming inflatables enable you to re-arrange the maze to make sure the “map” is always fresh.

Your Stuff is Awesome

The guns are fantastic! Here's what my good friend said: "The Guns are AWESOME! I was only able to stay for 5 hours. I wish I could have stayed longer. We have to get together and do it again." He's 29 and a father of 2. I also had my 10 year old niece tell her mom it was the funnest thing she's ever done. And we'll be doing it for her little brother's birthday in a couple months. He's eight. My soon to be brother-in-law in the US Air Force wants to get his Air Force buddies and go into the mountains and have an overnight party. We were rained (sprinkled) on twice but it was enough time to stop and have food and then play some more. I forgot to take pictures after the first game because it was too exciting. Basically, I'm trying to tell you that your stuff is awesome. Thank you.

Do you want to work with a laser tag supplier who wrote the book on the subject? The Landers wrote “Right on Target” which is an in-depth look at how to start, have fun and make money with a live gaming business.

With this equipment, you can run a range of games, from fast-and-furious Domination Games to complex scenarios. These games are called "Live-Plays". Each live-play consists of the script (either written or filmed) of the gamers’ mission briefing, the mission objectives, description of scenes, conceptual maps, and which props (such as which gaming guns to use).

Battlefield Sports makes beautifully designed, simple to use, user-friendly gaming guns and gaming inflatables.

Great Business Concept

I like the simplicity of operation. Battlefield Sports offers great equipment. This is a great business concept.
Renar, South Africa