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Digital Laser Tag System "SATR3" offers more game options

Battlefield Accessory: The Weapon Box

Laser Tag Battlefield Prop: The Weapon Box 

A Battle Box set as a Weapon Box is one of the new in-game perks available with Battlefield Sports’ patented digital laser tag system.

The Weapon Box enables the Battlefield Operator to run more advanced scenarios and do this with a minimum or no additional staffing.

The Battlefield Sports’ Weapon Box is inspired by missions in which a gamer must find a weapons cache and upgrade their weapon. A weapon box is used to provide a weapon emulation upgrade.


Battlefield Sports' Weapon Box

Unlike the Mystery Box which is a random upgrade (or downgrade) the Weapon Box enables an exact weapon change.

Typically gamers might start with a pistol (such as Colt M1911) and if they get to weapon box to receive an upgrade to a rifle (such as the G36 Rifle).

The Battlefield Operator can pre-set how many upgrades are available at the Weapon Box.

For example if there are 20 gamers on the Alpha Team then the Battlefield Operator might select 10 or 20 upgrades.

Alternatively, Operators can also set the box to perform an unlimited number of upgrades.

Within the SATR system Battlefield Operators can choose more than 200 different weapon emulations.

There is a broad selection of handgun, sub machine gun, rifle and machine gun emulations. Each emulation recreates the exact ammo and reload time and rate of fire modes associated with the real world weapon. 

The Battlefield Operator can pre-set this box to change to any emulation.

The Battlefield Sports’ Weapon Box is usually a metal box with a sensor embedded in resin on its lid, with several colored buttons.

In order to activate the Weapon Box, a gamer must be next to the box and press the green button. The computer inside the Weapon Box will automatically give the gamer a "weapon upgrade".

This process takes a couple of seconds.