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V.I.P. Escort Game

The Battlefield LIVE V.I.P Escort Game is one of the most refined and successful Live Plays in the Battlefield LIVE™ handbook. It is a game which has been developed over years of testing.

In fact, it is one of my favorites.

 The term VIP is short for ‘Very Important Person’.

The VIP Escort is ideal for a private corporate team building event or beginner scenario game. It is assumed the gamers have played at least one introductory mission before trying VIP Escort.

This scenario is a classic special forces mission.

One team is bodyguards protecting a VIP and the other team are ambushers hiding somewhere in the forest.

One gamer is selected as the VIP. The VIP is usually the workgroup’s State Manager or the President of the Corporation (i.e. the Boss!) The VIP wears a distinctive hat.


The Special Forces Team (SF) mission is to get the VIP from point A to point B (via a couple of way-points) without him or her death. Lying in wait of the SF team is a team of ambushers.

Before the whistle blows for game start, the ambushers are deployed anywhere on the battlefield, except within sight of the VIP. The ambushers should not be allowed too close to the VIP to avoid the VIP being shot within the first minute. The ambushers are considered regular soldiers on four hit points. If an ambusher, dies they go back to their start point and await orders.

The SF and VIP start at the SF start point, this could be at the opposite end of your battlefield working towards armory, or the SF team could start at the armory and work toward a landing zone. Because the SF must penetrate through enemy territory, they have to eliminate enemy ambushers as the go.

The bodyguards are considered elite troops and therefore have six hit points. The VIP being a civilian only receives two hit points, however, it is still fully armed.

The VIP is deemed to be an experienced doctor and is carrying sufficient medical suppliers to provide 75% re-spawns (three-quarters the number of gamers in the escort party including the VIP). However, the VIP cannot heal him or herself.


Way-points are typically bridges or buildings. The final Landing Zone (LZ) should be clearing. The VIP and/or escorts have to reach the center of the landing zone at exactly 30 minutes after game start, as this is when the ‘chopper’ arrives.

During the game, the Mission C.O. stays with the VIP performing the re-spawns for the SF team and also judging the winning conditions and ensuring the VIP reaches each way-point in order.

The mission has a great little twist to make it even more challenging. As well as the VIP having to contend with enemy forward of his or her position (i.e. the ambushers), later in the mission the enemy attack from behind (i.e. pursuers).

If the VIP reaches the second way-point before the 12-minute mark the pursuit party is released immediately. (The pursuit team is made up of all the currently dead ambushers.) Otherwise, at the 12-minute mark, the pursuers are given 100% re-spawns.

If the VIP dies before reaching the LZ, the VIP is immediately re-spawned to six hit points. Spare headwear should be carried by the Mission C.O. or the VIP gamer so that the gamer can change from the VIP hat to a standard SF hat. This way the VIP gamer gets a second chance.

If VIP makes his or her way to both way-points and then reaches the center of the LZ at the 30-minute mark: they win.

Failing that, if the VIP dies but 50% or more of the SF team reach the LZ and are alive in the center of the LZ at the 30-minute mark, they draw.

If neither of the above results is achieved by the SF, then the ambushers win.

Download the VIP Escort Run Sheet 

This is a short, powerful booklet that shows you how to run the VIP Escort mission. (Give the form a moment to load.) 

VIP escort game