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Trends in Paintball

Although invented in the 1950s, the sport of paintball didn't really take off until the early 1980s. Since then the paintball industry has steadily grown.

Major innovations, during the 1980s, in marker design made the woodsball game even more thrilling.  Then in the mid-1990s another innovation, air-bunkers transformed the game again into speedball. These original paintball inflatable bunkers were air-tight and shaped like pyramids, semi-circles, and cones.
urban inflatables
The latest innovation, complementary to paintball, is Battlefield LIVE™ gaming guns and gaming inflatables. We have tested our inflatables using paintball markers, check out the results, click here.

The gaming guns enable paintball field operators to attract a broader market, for example, youngsters who are prohibited from playing (by legislation or insurance limitations). Or there are some corporate team building groups who prefer not to get the bruises.

The gaming inflatables offer a new, visually stunning air-field. Instead of the old cylinders, temples, and Doritos the Battlefield LIVE™ air-bunkers doorways, windows, and walls which link together to form a maze of rooms.  

Battlefield LIVE is the game that uses powerful infra-red realistic guns to shock, thrill and stun the gamers with a compelling and addictive new hybrid sport/entertainment.

Of course Battlefield LIVE does not replace paintball, rather it is a complementary offering to expand your product offering.

Something Paintball Cannot Do

I like the idea of a gaming gun with a long range capability; you can not do this with airsoft or paintball. Also, I like no impact, no contact, and both children and adults can play together, there are the same options for each player.
Carlos, Chile