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Battle Box set as a Treasure Box 

Treasure Box

A Treasure Box can contain up to 8 emulations, cash, head armor and barrel armor for the gamers to collect.   

A treasure box can be virtually locked by assigning a key number between 1 and 12, the gamers will need to find and the use the right virtual key on the box to open.  

A Treasure Box can be trapped, a trapped will be triggered if any attempt is used to unlock the box or collect the treasure.  
A find traps special effect will cause a trapped box to flash blue for 5 seconds.  

A remove traps special effect will safely remove a trap. If the box has emulations as treasure these will be added to any spare slots the gamer has.  
If all 8 slots are full, then no emulations will be collected. If the gamer already has armor that covers the same hit location as the armor found in the box, they need to confirm they want the new armor by pushing the mode button once.

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