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Thank you for your interest in Battlefield Sports' SATR systems. Our enterprise specialists can help evaluate your organization's needs and identify the solution that suits you best. To get the conversation started, in this initial consultation tell us your live gaming needs so we can work with you to achieve your business goals.

Thank you again for your interest we will be in touch shortly. Meanwhile, join the conversion on Facebook.

It is Fantastic

G'day Peter, Thanks for the copy of your book, "Right on Target" - it is fantastic. Please pass on my compliments to Nicole as well. Robyn has been saying this morning (she's been an avid reader of it since it arrived) that this book would have made us jump into the live gaming industry a couple of years before we did - it answers so many questions we had back then, great stuff. (Besides - we are getting many great ideas from the book as it is...) Can you also please pass on my thanks to Nicole, for her suggestion a while ago, that we have a serious look at a permanent field in the next town. We now run Tuesday night games at the High School, and every session so far has been booked to capacity. Thanks again
Nic, QLD, AU

Your Stuff is Awesome

The guns are fantastic! Here's what my good friend said: "The Guns are AWESOME! I was only able to stay for 5 hours. I wish I could have stayed longer. We have to get together and do it again." He's 29 and a father of 2. I also had my 10 year old niece tell her mom it was the funnest thing she's ever done. And we'll be doing it for her little brother's birthday in a couple months. He's eight. My soon to be brother-in-law in the US Air Force wants to get his Air Force buddies and go into the mountains and have an overnight party. We were rained (sprinkled) on twice but it was enough time to stop and have food and then play some more. I forgot to take pictures after the first game because it was too exciting. Basically, I'm trying to tell you that your stuff is awesome. Thank you.