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Testimonials - Raving Reviews

Battlefield Sports have helped hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world prepare to ‘lock-n-load’ with their revolutionary laser tag game, Battlefield LIVE. Read some of their raving reviews.

Almost Doubled our Revenue Year on Year

Battlefield Sports offer heavy duty gaming guns, for play both indoors or outdoors. We have been operating for more than 5 years, and 100% of our gaming guns are still working well, even with more than 70,000 hours in battle. There is no other product in the market with this reliability, the most important thing for an operator. We operate from children parties up to team building for companies. We have almost doubled our revenue from one year to the other.
Carlos M, Chile

It's Awesome

We are looking at the product and it is SIMPLY AMAZING. The scenarios and features and variety is so much better than we have been using. Great product and great service. Thanks Nicole it’s just awesome.
Steve Schmidt, Christian Youth Camps

25 Times ROI

Amazing how time flies. My gaming guns are still going strong. Probably the best return on investment ever. I have had my investment pay me back 25 times over the last 5 years. Thanks.
Ruben, NY, USA

People are Raving about it

I’m really getting excited about our laser tag! I really feel that this could be big for us. Our battlefield area is really cool and a fun place to play. Last weekend we had about 100 sorority girls from San Jose State play. We’ve had at risk youth from Oakland and Watsonville, boys soccer team, youth groups and our guest groups play. The gear gets used every weekend. People are raving about it.
Daryl B, Adventure Program Manager, Koinonia

We go out Confident

We find the Cobras so easy for our mobile laser tag service. After setting up our Backyard Battlefield we just need the gaming guns to work, we don’t have time to mess around with setting things up to make the magic happen. Our clients want fun, and want it now. We pull the Cobras from their cases, fire them up and we are on the field in no time. The versatility of the SATR software is awesome. We can run dynamic intense gaming right in people's backyards. And rugged… we do parties with kids from 6 years up, the Cobras perform without a hitch. They handle the rough handling, the dropping, the combat rolls with ease. They are a hit with the kids, you hear the oohs and ahhhh’s as we pull the gaming guns from their boxes. All in all, for our mobile party business the Cobras offer the reliability and the durability we need. We go out confident we will provide an event they will not forget in a hurry.
Philip McDonald, WA

A Quality Commercial Weapon

Wanted to let you know that we received the Morita Sniper Rifles. They are GREAT!! Played with them all weekend! The Rifles look and feel great, we'll be taking them out in the field tomorrow. Love the adjustable butt stocks! The Spitfire Machine Pistols arrived on Friday afternoon and they work GREAT!! Thank you for the instructions, they were excellent. [HERE'S WHAT THEY SAID MORE THAN 2 YEARS LATER] "Thanks so much for the info. You guys are the best! No one here in the States has even come close to producing a quality commercial weapon. I always tell people that your weapons have held up to the abuse rental equipment takes. Minor issues and a quick fix with parts from Radio Shack have kept our repair costs to almost nothing. Thanks again ... we're still having fun!!
Nadine, New Hampshire, USA

Boosted the Bowling Numbers

We are still getting plenty of return business for Laser Tag and are especially pleased how Battlefield LIVE has complimented the existing Ten Pin Bowling business. Rather than detract from the bowling numbers, it seems to have boosted them.
Peter, Victoria, AU

Leaves Laser Tag Behind

These gaming guns leave laser tag and paintball so far behind that it’s incomparable
The Ubisoft games designers

Tried & Tested

I've been away for a little while so didn't get chance to mail you, but just to let you know all the laser tag guns are tried and tested and are working spot on. I'm very pleased with them. Got my first game going this weekend. Give me a shout if your up in Bristol for football or any other reason and we'll have to go for a beer! Cheers
Chris, Somerset, England, UK