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Technical Questions 

FAQ SECTION 4: Technical Questions

Q: What's Special About the Battlefield Sports Laser Tag System?

Key Patented Feature

Battlefield Sports' patented feature is its peer to peer digital radio hit feedback system. Only Battlefield Sports has this technology as this technology is not licensed to any third parties. Don't accept any imitations.

Real-time hit-feedback means that when a player shoots a target (either a battlefield prop or another game) and they hit, wound, kill, or makes a critical hit then that shooter knows it. They know it in several ways. First, the shooting gaming gun issues a sound effect. Gamers will hear a voiceover. Next, the shooting gun makes a light effect, specifically a flashing inside the red dot scope. Other systems gamers know they are hit but don’t realize they are also hitting the opposition. Knowing they are being successful is very important for the high level of gamer satisfaction with the simulation.

Because the system works peer-to-peer gamers can get this real-time hit-feedback in just about any terrain. 

Unlike paintball guns or airsoft guns these laser tag guns shoot high-powered infrared "ghost bullets". These "gaming guns" work both indoors or outdoors.

Our patented technology has more than 300 emulations. We make a variety of gaming gun cases, plus a master controller, a battle box (medic box) & a claymore. The electronics are the same in every case. So any unit can be configured to be any other unit within the SATR system.


How Does the Battlefield Sports' Laser Tag System Work? 

A: How does it work? SATR3 supports more than 300 different weapons, spells and healing devices; collectively these are known as emulations. The term emulation and weapon can be used interchangeably.

At the most basic level, i.e. hitting your target, you choose a gaming gun (or battlefield prop) aim at another gamer's infrared sensors and pull the trigger. New to SATR3 the digital-infrared system now has fixed or variable damage. The optional variable damage is the default in the fantasy genre. Either way, when the opponent is reduced to 0 hit points, they “die”.  Depending on the mission, gamers return to their base (where a medic box is located) for a respawn.

Players can be healed by medic boxes or by other gamers with special emulations like “First aid”. Each time a gamer hits another player, the attacking gamer receives confirmation of the hit:

  • by flashing of the red-dot inside the scope
  • by Sound Effects played on the attacker’s gaming gun
  • by the flashing of the opponent’s head sensor light.

SATR3 can be installed on a range of devices to look like all sorts of weapons and other props however typically they are some sort of “gun” and therefore in this document, the term “Gaming Gun” is used to distinguish them from real firearms.

For all themes except for the "Battlefield Tag" (aka traditional Laser Tag) theme, players can be assigned multiple emulations on one gaming gun. In Battlefield Tag players only get one emulation.

New in SATR3 is the Concept of Slots

Gamers can only use one emulation at a time but can switch between emulations. In typical game-play gamers are allocated 2 slots. For example, a gamer plays the Team Medic, the medic will have a primary weapon still that will be in slot 1 such as a P90 and then in slot 2, the medic will have an emulation “first aid”, so the medic can give health points back to the other players. Switching between slot 1 and slot 2 takes one second per swap via holding down the mode (black) button. In SATR3 there are up to 8 slots (this is useful for spellcasters). To make a simulation manageable, a device is set to a Genre (configured to All). A Genre limits the options available so that only options that make sense to that Genre can be found on the menus. Most operations will stick with a single genre that suits their business needs. The device remembers what the device was set to last time: so you can set & forget.  The simplest genre setting is “Battlefield Tag”.

Best Gamers Experience

What's The Science Behind The Game?

When a gaming gun “shoots” an infrared beam is focused and sent towards an opposition sensor. If the opposition sensor receives a hit, the target gamer takes damage. The result of the hit is radioed from the target to the shooter. The shooter’s gaming gun then tells the shooter what the effect was such as Hit (target still above half health), wound (target now below half health), kill (you killed the target), dead already (you shot a target that was already dead). To read more about the science behind the game, click here. 

Border Commando

Explain the Components & the Optoelectronics of the System

The optoelectronics of the system consists of a number of components.

Electronic Trigger Switch 

In a game pull the trigger to shoot! But when you are configuring a gaming gun or unit, then the red/load button and black/model button act like up/down and the trigger acts like an “enter” key.

Reload and Mode Buttons

In a game, the black/mode button toggles between fully automatic and semi-automatic fire. This button can also be used to change slots when held down for more than 1 second.

Predator Muzzle Flash Board

The predator muzzle flash has a central infrared (IR) emitter, the TSAL6100 surrounded by 9 colored LEDs for the muzzle flash. There are 3 red, 3 blue, and 3 white LEDs. The IR emitter and the muzzle flash LEDs are lensed to create a tight beam.

Optical Glass Precision Lens

Battlefield Sports uses the highest quality components, including the precision glass lens. The lens focuses the infrared beam.  For combat rifles, sniper rifles and machine guns a very tight long focal length lens is used. For submachine guns, a wider beam is used.

Water-Resistant Speaker 

Part of Battlefield Sports commitment for a weather-resistant product (so you can play either indoors or outdoors) we use a marine-grade speaker. For the sound effects, each model has a speaker to reproduce the myriad of sound effects included in SATR 3. These are specially designed water resistance speakers suitable for outdoor use, even in showers or rain.

Barrel Sensor

A forward-facing infrared sensor is mounted onto the top surface of each gaming gun model including SATR AIR. This is a standard inclusion. The barrel sensor penalizes blind firing. 

Head Sensors

Also, standard in the Battlefield Sports laser tag system is the infrared sensors that can be placed on a player's head (via a headband over a hat or other headwear) or on a vest. This consists of 2 domes. Each dome has 3 TSOP receiving modules. The effect is to accept 360-degree shots. Typically a shot on the head sensor does 25% more damage than a shot on the barrel sensor. Head sensors have a clip for simple mounting. The headband supplied by Battlefield Sports is designed to work with the clip. Notice this sensor is attached physically to the gaming guns via a cable, this is a great advantage as they don’t get lost or unpaired, plus they can be powered from the single powerful battery that drives the entire system.

Wireless head sensors are not practical in a commercial environment. Each head sensor has a blue and red LED. One of these will flash when hit and stay on when the gamer is dead. 

SD Card

There are more than 18,000 sound effects in the SATR3 system. The data files for configuration and all sound effects are stored on a SD card. SATR3 uses a high powered Class 10 SD card. 

CC1101 RF Module

The radio system uses the Texas Instruments CCC1101 module on the 433mhz band. This is a very efficient low powered RF transmitter/receiver.

Liquid Crystal Display

Each SATR unit comes with a weather-resistant display. The display has 4 lines each with 16 characters per line backlit LCD. This has special water-resistant seals so the display is suitable for outdoor use.

Red Dot scope

Except for the Morita Sniper Rifle, every gaming gun comes with a fully integrated custom made 30mm red dot scope. These scopes are especially rugged, ideal for tough commercial use. Integration means that the patented hit feedback system causes the scope to flash when a target is hit. A very practical feature is that scope is powered from the main PCB, these means when you turn off your gaming gun, the scope also turns off. More, a fully integrated red dot scope means that “recoil” can be simulated by turning off the scope for a short period after each shot making only the first shot truly accurate. The recoil time depends on the difficulty level and the weapon emulation selected. Not some weapons have no recoil. This is the battery efficient solution to providing the “effect” of recoil on aiming. Vitally important in a commercial environment where you need your gaming guns to keep going all day!

Battery Power

Except for the Quester and the SATR-AIR/Blaster models, all units have a 4000mAh nickel-metal hydride battery. A properly conditioned charged battery will provide around 16 hours of game time before requiring a recharge. Careful design has gone into all aspects of the electronics that form the SATR system to minimize battery drain. SATR-AIR/Blaster models come with a 7.4v lithium-Ion battery installed in the battery compartment. The Quester, due to its compact size, uses 4 x AA batteries. 

battlefield business

Why Is Battlefield Sports & SATR Technology Better? 

Because SATR3 is built on more than 18 years of real-world commercial experience where everything is tried and tested on working commercial battlefields, SATR 3 has a tremendous number of refinements that make this the best system for commercial laser tag applications. It is also incredibly flexible as the system also encompasses in one unified game system features requested by operators from across the World.

As well as the key elements of robustness and reliability, SATR delivers fantastic immersive live gaming experiences with the best possible staff to gamer ratio. Battlefield Sports truly understands that staff time is the most expensive element of any battlefield operation so development has been driven to automate functions previously done by staff. Central to the development of SATR 3 is inbuilt support for the most popular missions.

These missions work well indoors or outdoors. Missions include electronic Capture the Flag, Domination, Death Match (with optional advanced features) and Heist. To get a good idea of some of the features of SATR 3 to check out the videos at https://battlefieldsports.com/blog/satr3-explainer-videos

To really delve into the features of the SATR 3 system read the user guide, click here

Battlefield Sports

Is the New SATR3 Backwardly Compatible? 

SATR 3 is not compatible with previous versions of SATR 1 or SATR 2 series. This is because the shot packet now has bits for 7 teams and 8 battles plus a bit for the flag capture. However, upgrading from SATR 1 or SATR 2 is generally as simple as replacing the main PCB. SATR 3 code is too large to fit onto the older SATR 1 and SATR 2 ds-PICs.


The Options Are Amazing

Spent the day upgrading a slug of Satr2 Scorpions [to SATR3] and am impressed at the ease of the process and having the correct cables included in the shipment. I can see why Peter recommends learning a few simple games first. Mercy - the path is long. The options are amazing - and we won’t get bored soon and hopefully, neither will the clients if we use the gear to capacity! I was impressed with the whole process.
George Manning, Canada

Q: Why does Battlefield Sports make commercial laser tag equipment?

A: Battlefield Sports manufactures professional-grade laser tag equipment (guns and accessories). If you are looking for a laser tag toy for a Christmas present, then this gear is not for you.  In fact we make polycarbonate and metal models design for business. The main emphasis of our laser tag equipment design is durability. You can't expect to run a commercial business if all you do is provide a flimsy toy you could have purchased at Wal-Mart. In this business, the props used are vital interactive entertainment (to suspend disbelief). Our gaming guns do just that. More than that, they need to be robust. We have hundreds of thousands of players all over the world it's something that ALL of the other manufacturers put together don't have. They just don't have the experience we do. Kids love an authentic look and feel of the design of our gaming guns. Plus our designs are durable and maintainable. Ask your local consultant for more details.

Q: What's the usual delivery time for the gaming guns?

A: Depending on the model you select the Gaming guns are usually shipped 4 to 8 weeks from cleared funds deposit.

Q: What's the usual delivery time for the battlefield hero inflatables?

A: 12 weeks (as they are shipped by sea).

Q: Do you guys offer tech support?

A:  Yes. The most important part of the support of course is to make the gaming guns robust, water-resistant and easy to use people, needing little support. Of course, we do provide ongoing tech support. Taking care of our customers is one of Battlefield Sports's founding values and our service team is the embodiment of that commitment. If you ever are in need of help with your Battlefield Sports equipment get in contact with us via chat, phone, or email; we are here for you. 

Q. What are the Laser Guns Made Of?

A. Laser Tag guns are made out of either aluminum or fiber re-enforced polycarbonate depending on the model. All come with 3 integrated infra-red sensors. All gaming guns have the predator muzzle flash. This is a light effect where 3 colored hyper-brights form a triangle shape and the infrared emitter is located in the center of the triangle.

This muzzle light effect can be set, on bootup, to red, blue, while or no muzzle flash. LEDs are also in the head-sensor domes these flash when a gamer is hit, and the light remains on when the gamer is killed. Of course the gaming gun automatically stops working when a gamer is deactivated so the gamer returns to their base and presses the button on the medic box. The computer inside the medic box will re-spawn the gaming gun so the gamer can go back to the battle for a bit of pay-back.

The quad-core motherboard inside the gaming gun is the heart of the SATR system. This motherboard controls the gaming gun including the real-time hit-feedback. Basically when a gamer shoots an enemy his gaming gun will issue a sound effect such as "casualty" and when a gamer shoots an enemy and kills them, his gaming gun SFX will say "Kill Confirmed." This voice feedback is available in many languages.

The gaming gun also comes fitted with a large marine grade speaker. And an LCD to display the status of the gaming gun to the gamer in real-time. For example the display will show the number of H for hits and K for Kills. If the current game is timed, then the display will also have a timer count-down so each gamer knows how much time is left to achieve their mission objective.

Q: What sort of warranty do you offer?

A: Read the Full Warranty terms, here.

Q: Are Batteries included with the gaming guns?

A: Yes, you get 1 battery per gun, included. If you want, spare batteries, then you will need 7.2 volt NiMH batteries (we recommend 4,000mAh or more, but 3,000mAh+ is ok). The lower the amperage just means you will need to re-charge more often. You will also need a charger. When you first get your gaming gun you will need to "condition" the battery. To do this you will need to first discharge the battery, then re-charge it, then repeat. We recommend charging the batteries at 1 amp or less, this might take a little longer but it extends your battery's life. These batteries last for ages, we have been using the same batteries for going on 2-3 years. The 4,000mAh batteries last for a lot of gameplay. Roughly 16 hours, depending on how much a player shoots. Any 7.2v 3,000amp or better Radio Controlled car 6-cell battery will suit. Battlefield Sports can provide you with these. The Blaster model has a Litho-ion battery. When shipping to some international destinations this model is shipped batteries not included. 

Q: The sport is called "Battlefield LIVE" but it also is known as "Laser Skirmish" are there any actual lasers?

A: There are no lasers used in our units. In fact we use infrared, similar to your TV remote control. In fact at Battlefield Sports™ we believe our equipment is safe, as detailed in our Safety Certificate. You might also like to read our Safety Report.

ce markQ: Does the kit have CE certification?

A: Yes. Both the classic and the new SATR systems have full CE certification. Visit our Compliance page for the full report and certifications, click here.

Q: Are the new releases of SATR software backwardly compatible with previous releases?

Version SATR3 is not backwardly compatible with SATR2 and SATR1 series. 

The best solution option is to upgrade all SATR systems to the latest version of SATR 3, for operators using older SATR versions this is simple motherboard change and in some cases some simple adaptors.     

SATR 3 incredibly powerful features that improve the customer experience while being more operationally efficient. The next best option is to ensure all gaming guns and devices are running the same code version.  2.4c and 2.5 are entirely compatible.   

1.7 is entirely compatible with the 1.6 code. Version 2.4c and 2.5 code versions are mostly compatible with the previous production version 2.0y. The main change is the master controller set team function to team X is no longer supported since team X does not exist in code version from 2.2f through to 2.5.  From 2.2f code team X has been replaced by team b (friendly fire on). 

A master controller with 2.2f or later SATR 2 code change weapons command is not compatible 2.0y code. On a battlefield with 2.0 series code and 2.2 series code the master controller set teams will work on all gaming guns for team A and team B. Upper case A and B friendly fire is OFF, that is team A gaming guns cannot shoot other teams A gaming guns. To run a “Free for All” game, the easiest option is to target reset all gaming guns, this will cause 2.2f gaming gun to change to lower case b (friendly fire on) and 2.0 series gaming guns to go to team X (friendly fire ON).  Without using the Target Reset command (which sets everything back to factory default except language), you can have one master controller on 2.0 series code and another one on 2.2f code and shoot all target gaming guns set team option with both controllers.   

The 2.0 controller set FF on and 2.2f controller set team b FF on. Version 2.x+ is somewhat compatible with the 1.x series code. It is recommended that all devices are upgraded to 2.4c or 2.5 code starting with the master controllers and battle boxes and then all the gaming guns.     2.5 code is the same as 2.4c code except it will run on a modern motherboard with a class 10 SD card. A 2.x series master controller Pause IR and Resume IR commands will not work on gaming guns with any release of 1.x series code.   

All new features in SATR 2.0+ code will not work with gaming guns on 1.6a code. When using a 1.6a master controller with target gaming guns on 2.0+ the following functions will not work Pause IR, Resume IR and Set/Chg Weapons.SATR 1.6.5, 1.6a and 1.5 is compatible with 1.4 code. Note code earlier than 1.4 is partially incompatible. Version 1.4 and later of SATR is backwardly compatible with older versions of SATR with the following limitations:

  • An ammunition box must be version 1.4 to reload gaming guns with 1.4 code loaded
  • A medic box must be 1.3a or later to re-spawn a gaming gun with 1.3 or later code
  • A master controller must be 1.3a or later code to re-spawn gaming guns with 1.3 or later code
  • A master controller must be 1.4 code or later to reload 1.4 code version gaming guns
  • Gaming guns will only get the new features if they are upgraded to the current code version.
  • For a gaming gun to use the kill mode, the target gaming guns also require 1.4 or later code version. 

For the latest innovation in live gaming, upgrade all your gaming guns to SATR3.

No, laser tag does not hurt you when you get tagged. Unlike paintball, or airsoft, or even gel-blasters which shoot a projectile that can cause a welt or bruise. Ouch! The good news that laser tag is safe. Although it can be physically demanding, and occasionally players may trip, they don't get bruised when they get tagged.