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FAQ SECTION 4 - Technical Questions

Q: Other manufacturers are offering individual scoring i.e. a rank from first to last. Why does Battlefield Sports not do this?

A: We believe it is not a good idea. Let us explain, we have spent a decade plus running our own successful commercial battlefields and we discovered that individual scoring was very bad for repeat business.

While SATR provides real time statistics on the shooter's gaming gun including hits made, kills, accuracy percentage and number of times re-spawned, we are wholly against individual scoring.  

Here are four of the numerous markets that drive your business, let's take a look at them...

  • Boy's birthday parties
  • Sports Team's Break ups
  • Corporate fun and team building
  • Advanced missions for regular players.

Lets look at each of these customers in turn.


This is such an important group, there is a boy (or girl) having a birthday every day of the year. So this means year round business. The Birthday boy is very excited and wants to be a hero on his birthday. Our job as entertainers is to make sure this happens. When the boy plays he and his friends imagine how great they have done even though they have probably missed (shooting) everything. They are only kids and they only play once or twice per year. Boys naturally fantasize about how well they have done and will tell fantastic stories when they come off the field. We as staff need to give them lots of positive feedback. The last thing you want is an individual score telling the birthday boy how bad he is. This is an important message to the parents who are very worried that their young boy Johnny will be embarrassed on his birthday. The kids who play Battlefield LIVE ALWAYS go home excited and positive. All of them. Individual scoring cannot guarantee this. If you want to run a successful business make sure you buy a system that doesn't have individual scoring. It just doesn't work. How are we so certain? Answer: Hundreds of thousands of players know what they want.


Sports team are all about team and team objectives. They have no interest in individual scores. The come to Battlefield LIVE for a team bonding experience.


Corporate groups are again team focused. It's not about making individual heroes in a corporate culture, it is about working together with everyone contributing to achieving the group objective.


Having run more advanced missions in a commercial environment, than anyone else on the planet, we at Battlefield Sports can tell you with 100% certainty that individual scoring just doesn't work for these guys and gals. Advanced missions are multi-phase and each player has a role and that role does not mean shooting all the time. Personally in large games when I play and spend my time organizing my troops and gathering intelligence reports, this role often is the decisive difference between the teams, but an individual score for me would be a flat zero. So the individual scoring encourages everyone to play for themselves and always want the shooting parts, rather than other important jobs like recon, guard duties, leadership etc. In many advanced special forces missions, the goal is the avoid contact with the enemy. In games like this it is a failure if a fire fight starts.

Q: How long will the guns last?

A: Being aluminum and stainless steel, they don't rust. Likewise our polycarbonate models are fiber reinforced, so they built tough. The gun case therefore has no finite life span. We have some Morita Snipers built in 2003 and it is still on the field. Likewise we have some original Cobras from 2010 and they are still going strong. You should be factoring in your cash flow projections to do a major internals upgrade every 3 years. A major upgrade typically costs 25% of the original purchase price.

Q: How do you actually use the gaming guns, how do they work?

A: Check out our SATR Quick Start Guide (complex settings), click here. Or our SATR Quick Start Guide (lock out settings), click here. Also if you visit our Battlefield LIVE gamers web site (www.BattlefieldLIVE.com.au) we have a "tour of duty" on the home page which steps you through our brand of combat entertainment. And if you click on INTEL we have a quick mini-movie called "What is Battlefield LIVE?" which is a good overview of live gaming.

Q: Why does Battlefield Sports make metal gaming guns?

A: Yes. In fact we make both polycarbonate and metal models. Both have their place. The main emphasis of our gaming gun design is durability. You can't expect to run a commercial business if all you do is provide a plastic gun they could have purchased at Wal-Mart. In this fantasy creation business, the props used are vital to suspend disbelief, our gaming guns do just that. More than that, they need to be robust. We have hundreds of thousands of players all over the world it's something that ALL of the other manufacturers put together don't have. They just don't have the experience we do. Kids love an authentic look and feel of the design of our gaming guns. Plus our designs are durable and maintainable. Ask your local consultant for more details.

Q: What's the usual delivery time for the gaming guns?

A: Gaming guns are usually shipped 6 to 8 weeks from cleared funds deposit.

Q: What's the usual delivery time for the battlefield hero inflatables?

A: 12 weeks (as they are shipped by sea).

Q: Do you guys offer tech support?

A:  Yes. The most important part of support of course is to make the gaming guns robust, water resistant and easy to use people, needing little support. Of course, we do provide ongoing tech support. Taking care of our customers is one of Battlefield Sports's founding values and our service team is the embodiment of that commitment. If you ever are in need of help with your Battlefield Sports equipment get in contact with us via chat, phone, or email; we are here for you.

Q: Are the gaming guns water resistant?

Battlefield Sports gaming guns are designed to operate in light rain and showers, but if used in heavy rain, storms or immersed in water, the electronics can be affected.  If a unit is rain affected turn off the unit as soon as possible. If the water is inside the case, open the case up in dry conditions to let the internals dry out before attempting to turn it back on. The sensor domes are designed to allow some moisture in and out, this can result in a light red glow from the hit light, however the sensor will continue to work normally in this circumstance.

Q: What sort of warranty do you offer?

A: Read the Full Warranty terms, here.

Q: Are Batteries included with the gaming guns?

A: Yes, you get 1 battery per gun, included. If you want, spare batteries, then you will need 7.2 volt NiMH batteries (we recommend 4,000mAh or more, but 3,000mAh+ is ok). The lower the ampage just means you will need to re-charge more often. You will also need a charger. When you first get your gaming gun you will need to "condition" the battery. To do this you will need to first discharge the battery, then re-charge it, then repeat. We recommend charging the batteries at 1 amp or less, this might take a little longer but it extends your battery's life. These batteries last for ages, we have been using the same batteries for going on 2-3 years. The 4,000mAh batteries last for a lot of game play. Roughly 16 hours, depending on how much a player shoots. Any 7.2v 3,000amp or better Radio Controlled car 6-cell battery will suit. Battlefield Sports can provide you with these. The Blaster model has a Litho-ion battery. When shipping to some international destinations this model is shipped batteries not included. 

Q: The sport is called "Battlefield LIVE" but it also known as "Laser Skirmish" are there any actual lasers?

A: There are no lasers used in our units. In fact we use infrared, similar to your TV remote control. In fact at Battlefield Sports™ we believe our equipment is safe, as detailed in our Safety Certificate. You might also like to read our Safety Report.

ce markQ: Does the kit have CE certification?

A: Yes. Both the classic and the new SATR systems have full CE certification. Visit our Compliance page for the full report and certifications, click here.

Q: Are the new releases of SATR software backwardly compatible with previous releases?

Version SATR3 is not backwardly compatible with SATR2 and SATR1 series.

Version 2.0+ is mostly compatible with 1.x series code. It is recommended that all devices are upgraded to 2.0 code starting with the master controllers and battle boxes and then all the gaming guns.

A 2.0 master controller Pause IR and Resume IR commands will not work on gaming guns with any release of 1.x series code.   All new features in SATR 2.0+ code will not work with gaming guns on 1.6a code.

When using a 1.6a master controller with target gaming guns on 2.0+ the following functions will not work Pause IR, Resume IR and Set/Chg Weapons.
SATR 1.6.5, 1.6a and 1.5 is compatible with 1.4 code. Note code earlier than 1.4 is partially incompatible.

Version 1.4 and later of SATR is backwardly compatible with older versions of SATR with the following limitations:
•    An ammunition box must be version 1.4 to reload gaming guns with 1.4 code loaded
•    A medic box must be 1.3a or later to re-spawn a gaming gun with 1.3 or later code
•    A master controller must be 1.3a or later code to re-spawn gaming guns with 1.3 or later code
•    A master controller must be 1.4 code or later to reload 1.4 code version gaming guns
•    Gaming guns will only get the new features if they are upgraded to the current code version.
•    For a gaming gun to use the kill mode, the target gaming guns also require 1.4 or later code version.

This means an existing operator getting new gaming guns or upgrading old gaming guns should first upgrade their medic boxes, ammunition boxes and master controllers (referee guns). Gaming guns of different versions of 1.x and 2.0y code can work together fine, so there is no need to upgrade all of their gaming guns to the most recent code unless they want the features of the new code.

For the latest innovation in live gaming, upgrade all your gaming guns to SATR3.