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Battlefield TAG game: Team Eliminaition Match

Team Elimination in the Battlefield TAG Genre

Play The Team Elimination Match in the Battlefield TAG Theme

Team Elimination Match in the Battlefield TAG Theme is a fun and easy to run game to get the party started.  

The Battlefield TAG Elimination Match is a simple, eliminate the enemy game. It is known as "Team Elimination Match." players fight a battle of attrition.

Team Elimination Match

The game is for both teams is to find and tag as many of the opposition as possible while minimizing friendly deactivations.  

This is a great game for indoor arena laser tag or backyard mobile laser tag parties. 

How to Play the Team Elimination Game

This is a straight-forward red team versus blue team game. 

Red Team Mission Briefing  

Because this game can be played in a small area it is great for indoors arena or backyards. It can be played indoors or outdoors.

The Team Elimination always plays well outdoors in a bigger, forest location. 

Teams receive unlimited respawns from their own team’s Battle Box. (In Battlefield Operator needs to set the Battle Box as medic box.) 

The team with the least number of re-activations plus any deactivated players at mission end wins.

Game play includes basic gaming tactics or aiming and avoiding getting tagged. It is a great first game. Just about everybody has an itchy trigger finger when they first arrive at the venue.Divide the group into two roughly equal team sizes.Teams start at opposite ends of the location.

Each team gets unlimited re-activations from their base and everyone gets set the same way: 

  • for indoor games: set the players to 3 hit points on hard difficulty
  • for outdoor games: set the players to 5 hit points on standard difficulty.

When a player is tagged that number of times they will need to return to their base for a reactivation. 

How Long Does A Team Elimination Match Go For? 

The game usually goes for anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes. Most operators set the duration of the game to an average of 15 minutes.

Generally the players get unlimited reactivations for the entire duration of the game. 

This mission is great warm-up/ice-breaker because every gamer, plays the whole mission and it is very forgiving of mistakes.

However you can make the game play a bit more challenging by limiting the time of reactions. For example if the game is going to go for 15 minutes then you can set the respawns to last for 10 minutes. 

This game is very suitable for beginners.

Game Stores Required (in addition to Gaming Guns)

The gaming stores to run this game are:

Download the Team Elimination Run Sheet

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Team Elimination Run Sheet