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Clan War Management Software - "Swayzo"

swayzo pro software

The new software package from Battlefield Sports "Swayzo" offers Battlefield Operators clan war management software. Swayzo is a new software application to help Battlefield Operators run a Swiss-style Battlefield LIVE Clan War.

Swayzo uses a Swiss-style tournament management software system.

The Swiss format involves all clans playing several rounds of competition.

Clans face-off clan-vs-clan in each round.

Working with the SATR software up to eight battlefields can be run simultaneously in close quarters without cross-fire.

So up to 7 teams can play simultaneously.

The software supports the "number of wins" as the tie-breaking criterion.


Swayzo runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. 

The software is available as a "gift with purchase" to Your Battlefield Business operators and will be available via download from the Battlefield Sports University.

You will need a printer.


You will also need to download the free Microsoft Access database drivers - these are freeware.

(If you already have Microsoft Access on your computer, then you won't need to do this.)

Download the printable flyer, click here.


How to Run a Clan War with Swayzo

The first round the pairings are random or based on previous ratings (the user selects this when setting up a new event/clan war in Swayzo).

Then the second and subsequent rounds clans are paired using a formula where a winning clan faces-off against another winner. And a losing clan versus another clan that has also lost their round.

The Swiss systems differ from a round-robin tournament or a knock-out competition.

The benefit of a Swiss-style competition is that no clan is eliminated, all clans get to participate in all rounds. The only exception to this if there is an odd number of clans, in this case, Swayzo will determine which clan has the bye.

Swayzo Clan War Management Software

Swayzo helps the Battlefield Operator smoothly run a clan war.

This is a new software program is designed to make it easy for you to run Swiss clan wars.

Here is what it can do for you:

  • Event Manager - enter clans, creates the clan war as an event, generates the draw, enters the results. This module covers all the data entry. Calls the battles and prints battle cards. It keeps track of which clans have checked in or are currently playing.
  • Leader-board - displays the ladder of results
  • Draw board - shows which clan is playing this round (calls the battles, which clan on which battlefield) shows all other battles in the current round.