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Summer Camp & Laser Tag

summer camp and laser tag Originally popularized among the youth of the USA, the summer camp has been the place where many happy memories are made. Memories for the young and the young-at-heart.  

Laser Tag is just one of the activities that keeps the kids' schedules hectic.

For many years Summer Camp operators have been relying on our brand of laser tag to get the youth engaged.

Battlefield Sports' laser tag technology is useful for Summer Camps because the taggers can be used both indoors or outdoors.

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Why Summer Camp Operators Add Laser Tag 

If the Summer Camp operator has several campuses, then because are laser tag equipment is 100% portable it gives the operators great flexibility.

Here is what the team at Koinonia say about Battlefield LIVE.

I’m really getting excited about our laser tag! I really feel that this could be big for us. Our battlefield area is really cool and a fun place to play. Last weekend we had about 100 sorority girls from San Jose State play. We’ve had at risk youth from Oakland and Watsonville, boys soccer team, youth groups and our guest groups play. The gear gets used every weekend. People are raving about it.  

Quality Equipment

We are a conference center (summer camp) that uses this as an activity for our guests and we also have outside guests using just laser tag. The variety of games you can play will keep your customers returning. The laser tag equipment is fun for the players and the operators. Battlefield Sports offers quality equipment, lots of information on Battlefield Sports University about how to run your business. The Battlefield Sports' customer service is very responsive. All of the information and resources on the website is very helpful.
Daryl, CA, USA

Case Study Laser Stevens Summer Camp in Washington Adds Laser Tag

Battlefield LIVE is not just laser tag, think of paintball (without the mess and pain), airsoft (but no pellets everywhere), and first-person shooting games (except with exercise built in) into one amazing sport.

Cedar Springs Camp in Lake Stevens (near Seattle) Washington, USA added laser tag.

The versatility and durability of the gaming equipment allows missions to be played in any climate and infrared technology means players can battle anywhere (no more cheesy neon!). All the games and missions in the popular first-person video games are taken to the next level and can be played on our battlefields.

"When the kids had a story-line, a background as to why they were trying to take this hill then they got really engaged. Offering a "special ops" theme in our summer camp has worked well for us," said Mark. 

Summer Camp in California

Here's what another Summer Camp operator reported: "Our new laser tag equipment was great this summer. It worked well. I can't thank you enough for helping us get it. It was a big hit with our campers and staff and I know it helped make camp memorable for them. Thank you!! Have a great day. God bless." Justin S. McKinney, Program Director The Oaks Camp, Lake Hughes, CA, USA.

Summer camps across the United States have benefited from adding laser tag to their activities program. Contact us to see what we can do for you.