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Battlefield Sports Suitability Quiz: The Results Report

Well Done. 

Big Dreams in a Small Town.

Thank you for completing the Suitability Quiz. A summary will be emailed to you shortly. 

Congratulations for participating in the Quiz. It is your first step towards starting or expanding your live gaming business. 

Your business plans might just represent big dreams in a small town. 

Outdoor / Mobile Laser Tag Suitability

If you are planning an outdoor laser tag venture then being in a tiny town means that this, really, is most suitable for a private battlefield or small club. A small pack for personal use may be appropriate. 

Or, if you are prepared to travel then you can, say have the first Saturday of the month at your local venue. Then you could have the second Saturday at a nearby village. And the third Saturday at another town a stone's throw away! And then the next weekend... well, you get the idea! 

Indoor Laser Tag Suitability

With the high overheads associated with a traditional indoor laser tag arena, locating in a tiny town may not be ideal. 

But heck, we'd love for you to prove us wrong! 


A Popular Game To Play Even With Very Small Groups 

The "Battle Royale" Game is a great mission to play, even if you have small numbers of players. 

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