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Battlefield Sports Suitability Quiz: The Results Report 

Outstanding Opportunity 

Big Cities Mean Big Opportunties 

Thank you for completing the Suitability Quiz. The results will be emailed to you shortly. 

Congratulations for participating in the Quiz. It looks like Battlefield Sports could be a great fit for you. 

Having access to millions of poetential customers within a 30 minute drive offers a lot of opportunties. It means you can investment a larger arsenal with confidence. But in a crowded market advertising costs tend to be higher, so you'll need to factor this in. 

Outdoor / Mobile Laser Tag Suitability

If you are planning an outdoor laser tag venture then being in a large metro area this may be suitable for a full-time venture. Of course it may take time to grow patronage, to build your brand. 

If you locate your attraction in the same spot has other attractions, such as in a Theme Park or an Adventure Park, then your laser tag arena will benefit from the multi-activity marketing. 

Indoor Laser Tag Suitability

Traditional indoor laser tag arenas often are associated with high overheads. But locating in a metropolis may mean that your patronage will lead to a good return on investment. With a larger drawing population your business can cater for a narrow niche, with good results. 

Games For Big Groups

Games such has Heist work very well for big groups, especially for white-collar corporate groups like Info Tech Specialists and Bankers. 

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