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Battlefield Sports Suitability Quiz: The Results Report 

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Big Cities Mean Big Opportunities

Thank you for completing the Suitability Quiz. A summary will be emailed to you shortly. 

Congratulations for participating in the Quiz. It looks like Battlefield Sports could be a great fit for you. 

Having access to millions of potential customers within a 30 minute drive offers a lot of opportunities. It means you can investment a larger arsenal with confidence. But in a crowded market advertising costs tend to be higher, so you'll need to factor this in. 

Outdoor / Mobile Laser Tag Suitability

If you are planning an outdoor laser tag venture then being in a large metro area this may be suitable for a full-time venture. Of course it may take time to grow patronage, to build your brand. 

If you locate your attraction in the same spot as other attractions, such as in a Theme Park or an Adventure Park, then your laser tag arena will benefit from the multi-activity marketing. 

Indoor Laser Tag Suitability

Traditional indoor laser tag arenas often are associated with high overheads. But locating in a metropolis may mean that your patronage will lead to a good return on investment. With a larger drawing population your business can cater for a narrow niche, with good results. 

Games For Big Groups

Games such has Heist work very well for big groups, especially for white-collar corporate groups like Info Tech Specialists and Bankers. 

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