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battlefield sprots spitfire

A Mid-Sized Gaming Gun That Works Well Indoors or Outdoors. Inspired By The Famous UZI Machine Pistol It Fits Perfectly In The Battlefield LIVE Genre & With A Modern Twist It Is Also A Great Choice For The Battlefield SCI FI Theme.

Spitfire Machine Pistol 

A Stalwart of the Battlefield Sports Arsenal: The Spitfire 

The Spitfire Machine Pistol gaming gun is one of our more authentic models. Inspired by the Uzi machine pistol, it is compact, it is great for outdoor real live combat gaming. It is great for re-enactments. 

Many paintball field owners and theme park managers have chosen the Spitfire model because it is compact and robust. Gamers can instantly identify with the gaming gun and feel the real quality feel to the unit.This year's new model comes with a 40mm lens (the same as the Scorpion) for improved range.

Click here for a close up of the Spitfire's specifications

A Quality Commercial Weapon

Wanted to let you know that we received the Morita Sniper Rifles. They are GREAT!! Played with them all weekend! The Rifles look and feel great, we'll be taking them out in the field tomorrow. Love the adjustable butt stocks! The Spitfire Machine Pistols arrived on Friday afternoon and they work GREAT!! Thank you for the instructions, they were excellent. [HERE'S WHAT THEY SAID MORE THAN 2 YEARS LATER] "Thanks so much for the info. You guys are the best! No one here in the States has even come close to producing a quality commercial weapon. I always tell people that your weapons have held up to the abuse rental equipment takes. Minor issues and a quick fix with parts from Radio Shack have kept our repair costs to almost nothing. Thanks again ... we're still having fun!!
Nadine, New Hampshire, USA

The laser tag games played with the Spitfire Machine Pistol and the other milsim model are like a live version a Call of Duty style or HALO. This is real combat games for serious combat gamers.

The construction on this laser tag gaming gun is aluminum with stainless steel bolts to hold it together. This makes the Spitfire one of the most rugged laser tag guns available on the market. It has a full trigger mechanism.  It also comes standard with a Red Dot scope.

There are none which compare in the build quality or realism without sacrificing durability, making the Spitfire Machine Pistol a truly commercial money making tool.
This Battlefield LIVEā„¢ gun can really create a "wow!" effect with your customers.

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  • Latest SATR Software system: standard
  • Style Machine Pistol
  • Optik sensors, the most advanced hit sensors available exclusive to Battlefield Sports: standard
  • Predator Muzzle Flash - tri colored-hyper-bright (blue/red/white/off): standard
  • Range Short for CQB (Close Quarters Battles)
  • Red Dot Scope: standard
  • Construction Metal, handle (Uzi style).
  • Trigger full trigger mechanism
  • Weight 2.3kgs/5lbs
  • Standard issue color: hammerburst black
  • Recommended environments Day/Night Indoor or Outdoors
  • Gun Length 40cm/16"

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  • PPS-43


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spifire girl

Kids love to play with the Spitfire.

sptifre close

As do Women.

spitfire specs

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