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A New Industry Experiencing Explosive Growth

gaming girlzImagine running a business that has a built-in promotional budget of around $1 billion per year.

Imagine no more because that's the opportunity you have with a Battlefield Business.

There are many reasons for success but probably one of the biggest is TIMING.

In business as in life, timing is everything.

Too early and you can lose your shirt (pioneers often end up with arrows in their back).

Too late and all the opportunity is gone.

Almost Doubled our Revenue Year on Year

Battlefield Sports offer heavy duty gaming guns, for play both indoors or outdoors. We have been operating for more than 5 years, and 100% of our gaming guns are still working well, even with more than 70,000 hours in battle. There is no other product in the market with this reliability, the most important thing for an operator. We operate from children parties up to team building for companies. We have almost doubled our revenue from one year to the other.
Carlos M, Chile

The timing is now. It's all go, go, go all the time around here.


Video Games!

More than 1.8 billion gamers* worldwide are hungry for new forms of entertainment. 

Now, if you can not see the connection at this point and if that doesn't jolt you with excitement then it is best for you to go and open a Dunkin Donuts because you just don't "get it". Our market is a MASS market, not a niche. Just about everyone is a potential customer for your Battlefield LIVE™ business. Video games have become mainstream. Nowadays just about everyone plays video games, that's right, all ages will be gaming. On their smartphone, on the tablet, on their computer - and *shock! horror!* even on their gaming console! ;-)

Experience is the new fun.

25 Times ROI

Amazing how time flies. My gaming guns are still going strong. Probably the best return on investment ever. I have had my investment pay me back 25 times over the last 5 years. Thanks.
Ruben, NY, USA

The experts at Battlefield Sports™ have created a unique business platform for anyone who wants to take advantage of business opportunities created by the dramatic cultural shifts in today's video game environment.

Our society is undergoing a number of profound social and demographic changes that are creating amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs who choose the right vehicle to tap into these trends. Skyrocketing sales of video and computer games, teen obesity and the rapid proliferation of technology are just a few of the powerful trends that are creating an amazing opportunity for you as a Battlefield Business owner or operator.

If you're thinking about investing your capital and time into a business you need to have a clear understanding of what these powerful trends are, and why a brand like Battlefield LIVE™ is poised to benefit the most from them.

In-depth analysis of social and demographic trends that are reshaping the sports entertainment landscape. Coverage of amazing entrepreneurial opportunities that are being created as a result.

* Source: Statistica - https://www.statista.com/statistics/748044/number-video-gamers-world/