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Battle Box / Domination Box set as a Simple Target 

Simple Target  

A Battle Box set as a simple target records how many times each team has hit it. 

The simple target acts very similarly to a Domination Box. But instead of tracking the time a team has it in control, rather it just records the number of times a team shoots it. 

The simple target can be support up to seven teams at once.

In a game setting the simple target will record the number of times each team has hit it on the display screen.

At the end of the game the victorious team will be announced via sound effect on the target. The target will also flash the hit light with the team’s color (Red = Team A, Blue = Team B, and both Red+Blue/Purple = Team C). Note: if playing with more than three teams the color will not indicate the victorious team.

At the end of the game it also announces the winning team in the selected language.