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FAQ: How Much Does It Cost? What's The ROI?

You might ask yourself: "How Much Does It Cost To Start A Laser Tag Business?"

How much does professional laser tag equipment cost?

See below for your questions about costs and return on investment.

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The cost to set up a laser tag business depends on which business model you choose.
  • ​[MOBILE] For a small, part-time mobile laser tag business your initial investment could start around $10,000.
  • [OUTDOOR] For an outdoor fixed venue, say as an add-on to a summer camp or an adventure park then you will need around $30,000 for a bigger arsenal.
  • [INDOOR] Or if you are planning a major installation of an indoor laser tag arena then factor in up to $50,000 plus some working capital.
How long it takes to recoup your initial investment in starting a laser tag business depends on a number of factors. Factors such as your drawing population, your current facilities, and the size of your set-up. As a rule of thumb, think in terms of 12 months to 36 months. This is an industry benchmark. A lot depends on your business model and how you organize your marketing. A high traffic venue can have amazing ROI.
Starting a laser tag business is very competitive compared to most business opportunities in the market. This is a lifestyle business and arguably, one of the most exciting and motivational business ideas in the world. You have a lot of choices but what would you rather do, be a hero to your customers, running a healthy business that enjoys steady and continuous growth year after year. Or you could buy a Dunkin Donuts franchise, a Tax franchise, a Burger place...etc. And then you will have to pay an override to your franchisor on every dollar you make. 

Wondering about Laser Tag equipment cost? Need More Info?

Need more information?

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Here is a comprehensive blog post on how to work out how much to charge for a laser tag ticket.

25 Times ROI

Amazing how time flies. My gaming guns are still going strong. Probably the best return on investment ever. I have had my investment pay me back 25 times over the last 5 years. Thanks.
Ruben, NY, USA

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The number of laser tag guns used in a live gaming business varies. Here's a good rule of thumb for the minimum number of laser tag guns to start.
  • For a mobile laser tag outfit the minimum recommended number of gaming guns is 12.
  • For an indoor laser tag arena or zombie haunted house the minimum recommended number of gaming guns is 24.
  • And for an outdoor battlefield the minimum recommended number of gaming guns is 48.
This number varies with busier battlefields. In fact we limit the number of gamers per session on our local battlefields to 100 at a time. Not because the system cannot handle more gamers at once (the biggest game we've run to date was 436 gamers playing at once!) rather our car-parking only can handle that number of vehicles. Of course the amount of space you have in which to play also impacts on how many gamers you can have playing at once.

Q. How Does The Cost Of Laser Tag Equipment Compare To Other Commercial Entertainment Equipment?

A. Laser tag equipment offers a great return on investment compared to other commercial entertainment equipment. I have seen a VR experience (where 2 people can play at once) for around $70,000. Yep, you read correctly: $35k per player!


A commercial swing set (obviously pretty low-tech) can be purchased for around $2,000 for a 2-seat set but that excludes installation.

How much does laser tag equipment cost: If you want, say, 12 people to play at once then you'll need to budget for around $12k for the laser tag equipment. Likewise if you want 20 people to play at once, you will need to invest $20k, give or take.

Unlike some other laser tag manufacturers, Battlefield Sports does not charge an ongoing license fee.

Q. Does Battlefield Sports sell laser tag equipment for personal or home use?

A: Yes. Battlefield Sports makes commercial-grade laser tag equipment. But from time to time we have sold to individuals. But our equipment is designed for business use it is built to be robust. We recommend, too, that you check your local laws before ordering to ensure the model selected can be legally imported and possessed in your state or country. Contact your nearest consultant to order.

Q. What's Included with the Gaming Guns?
A: Every gaming gun comes with a computer inside the gun so you can just turn it on with a key and start gaming. (The key is also included.) You also get integrated sensors. There are three sensors, one on the gaming gun barrel, and -- attached via twirly cable -- one for the center of the forehead & one for the center of the back of the head (so you can get 360-degree hits). These are designed to attach to a headband to be worn over a hat or bandanna. Also included is an integrated red dot or telescopic scope (depending on the model of the gaming gun). Also included is a 7.2volt rechargeable NiMh battery (one per gaming gun). Or if you order a Blaster or SATRAIR one 7.4volt rechargeable Lith-ion battery (one per unit). Please note you may need to pay any local customs clearance fees; and entry duties and taxes, including sales tax, in your country if any.

Q. How do I go about getting a software upgrade?
Battlefield Sports offers a free upgrade of software to version 1.2e of the SATR system. In this case, the customer simply pays for the shipping of the boards to/from our factory or authorized agent. Operators may choose to upgrade to the latest production code after 1.2e, however, the following fees will apply:

  • Where a Customer has purchased SATR3 and wants to get the latest SATR3 software within the last 90 days, the fee is USD$25 per unit. All other customers pay USD$50 per unit. In all cases, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs to/from the factory or authorized agent.

For customers who want to upgrade from SATR2 to SATR3, you will need to order a new motherboard. The speaker, buttons, displays, etc remain the same.  

Q. Can I upgrade old classic guns to SATR?
Yes. It is possible to have old classic system gaming guns converted to SATR technology. This is, however, a major overhaul requiring the replacement of the mainboard, LED/LCD, head sensors including cable and much of the wiring.

Also, an antenna and on some models, a side bracket must be supplied and installed. The upgrade process is challenging, especially on very old gaming guns, so the upgrade process is best done by a Battlefield Sports certified repairer. Generally (excluding shipping) an upgrade will cost on average around $400 to $500 per unit depending on the model and the age of the classic laser tag gun.

Q: I'm thinking about writing a business plan and going to the bank or government to fund me, what do you think? 

A: Don't waste your time or ours approaching either of these groups. If you have an asset, borrow against it and use the funds for whatever you want, if you can't fund it through an asset use friends or family, savings or a combination of all. Please don't contact us with a whole bunch of questions BEFORE you have the funding 100% agreed upon or actually in place.

Everything you could want to know is on this site and we are delighted to talk with you if you sincerely want to open a location with us. Banks and Governments just don't get it. Do they ever?

Q: How do the start-up costs compare to Franchise operations?
A: We are very competitive compared to most business opportunities in the market. Commercial laser tag is a lifestyle business and, arguably, one of the world's most exciting and motivational business ideas. 

Better still with Battlefield Sports, you don't have the extra overheads with a laser tag franchise. 

You get fabulous equipment and business support without the royalty fees. Of course, you have a lot of choices but what would you rather do, be a hero to your customers, run a healthy business that enjoys steady and continuous growth year after year or buy a Dunkin Donuts, Tax franchise, Burger place...etc. 

We'll see YOU on the Battlefield, thank you!

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There are serveral quality laser tag manufactures from which you can buy professional laser tag equipment. Some laser tag suppliers specialize in indoor laser tag, some specialize in outdoor equipment, and some, like Battlefield Sports, offer both.

According to IBISWorld, there are no giants in the industry, no laser tag manufacturer dominates. This is a good thing because it means there are plenty of providers from which to select your commercial laser tag equipment.


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