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SATR3 Launch Survey


satr 3We are very close to finishing our long-awaited new generation laser tag system: SATR3. 

We have been working on this for more than three years, but we are finally going to wrap it up.

We will be releasing it in late June.
  • Wednesday June 28th 2017 on the Gold Coast, Australia -- Save the Date!~

This new generation patented technology will deliver more weapon emulations and more flexibility in live gaming than ever before.

Instead of 69 weapon emulations with the new system you will get 285 emulations!

Instead of just 2 teams or friendly-fire on, the new system will support up to 7 teams and of course still have the friendly-fire on option. 

And many more features. 

HOWEVER, we need your help.

Before we finalize everything and start loading the motherboards, we need to make sure we have covered everthing.

That is where you come in. 

Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey -- there is really only one thing we want to ask you...
"What are your two top features that we absolutely NEED to include in our new generation laser tag system?"

Click here to take the survey!