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The Science Behind the GAme

Battlefield Sports builds Laser Tag Systems You'll Love. We call our Patented Technology "SATR" 

This year we celebrate the launch of our third generation live gaming engine: SATR3

Third Generation Digital Laser Tag Technology 

The laser tag system "SATR3" has all the features & benefits you'll love in a range of laser tag gun & accessories designs to complement any business. Here's what you get: 

  • Real-Time hit-feedback (so you know when you've got 'em!) & real-time statistics
  • New games & mission support e.g. new games "Heist" and "Capture the Flag" and "Rush" with new Flag Boxes & Missions Boxes
  • More than 300 emulations as well as favorites like Battlefield LIVE modern firearm emulations and Battlefield TAG phasers now there is also American Civil War Muskets to modern weaponry with RPGs & and beyond to sci-fi & fantasy!
  • Up to 7 teams play at once, with up to 8 separate battle groups
  • Up to 22 languages with in-game voice-overs & SFX
  • 12 genres (from family friendly "Battlefield TAG" to hard-core milsim "Battlefield LIVE")
  • Up to 2,047 gamer IDs - now that's a battle!
  • Highly configurable or easy lock-out mode
  • 100% portable
  • Save up to 12 user-defined templates
  • Slots (up to 8 emulations per games)
  • New high-powered micro-processor plus improved radio signal via daisy-chain
  • Variable and splash damage
  • New in-game perks like "super mag" or "stopping power"
  • Armor & shields (including Mystery Armor) 


SATR3 Field Test 

SATR stands for "small arms transmitter receiver." It offers you real-time hit feedback, via light effects (through the red dot scope) and sound effects (through voice feedback). We have invested years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on its research and development.


SATR stands for "small arms transmitter receiver." It offers you real-time hit feedback, via light effects (through the red dot scope) and sound effects (through voice feedback). We have invested years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on its research and development.

The trademark application SATR was lodged in July 2006.

Patent Approved for our Digital Technology
The patent application was originally filed in Australia in December 2006.

  • Yes, Patented in North America (USA)
  • Yes, Patented in Australia
  • Yes, Patented in EU / UK.


One of the main reasons I'd recommend Battlefield Sports is that this technology is amazing!!! Outstanding!! More and more people are interested in our game. One word. BRILLIANT. I would say that the gaming guns are so realistic and that with this technology is the closest you can get to real life. Keep up the good work!!! Thank you!! :)
Andreas, Cyprus

The International filing date, December 20st 2006, is deemed the filling date for the purpose of determining the term of the US application.patented technology

There was a soft launch in Australia in November 2008.

This innovative product was officially launched in London in April 2009.

Our patented gaming guns use a lensed infrared light system. Our patent application was lodged with the US Patent Office on June 18th 2009.

Digital Radio Connectivity - Peer to Peer

Our new radio frequency hardware and our upgraded gun software. Currently our research and development team are working on an amplitude- modulated transmitter and an associated regenerative receiver a radio band. This is ideal for short range communication—up to 330ft (100m) in ideal conditions. Basically if you can see them, you can shoot them!

Of course gamers are not going to make it easy for you to tag them, because this is high-tech hide and seek! Because our application has a high data rate, we use a PIC micro-controller and have had to upgrade our assembler software to achieve secure and reliable transmissions. Our innovative research and development has been recognized with a national award - the Australian Technology Showcase.SATR technology badge

World's First - Hit-feedback in any Terrain

Now you KNOW you've got 'em. Our patented system enables you to not only know when you've been hit, but when you've got the other guy. In 13 languages you can hear "casualty" or "kill confirmed" so the shooters gaming gun gets real-time hit-feedback. The gamer's display is automatically updated in real-time. Gamers can now get k/d ratios, accuracy percentages and much more. Read the summary of the patent points, here.

satr 2

Here are the latest innovations:

  • SATR: digital Small Arms Transmitter Receiver System
  • Gaming Inflatables
  • Eye Safety
  • Optik Sensor
  • Water resistance
  • Live Game Packs
  • Learn about the patent in detail, click here

Robust and Realistic

It is totally safe and superb for the difficult market of 12-17 year olds and will give substantial benefit to us for our visitors' fun. It's the whole safety thing for me and the whole family involvement. We have looked at paintball several times but have discounted it because of the danger factor. Also having looked at all the outdoor laser systems available we concluded that the Battlefield Sports system was the best. The gaming guns are robust and realistic with a range to suit all ages and sizes and we are totally impressed with the service and back-up given by the company.
Rick, North Devon, UK.

Digital Small Arms Transmitter Receiver System

SATR™ system, Battlefield Sports now supports indoor live gaming even better. SATR has a software configured indoor mode than radically reduces infrared ricochets. The ability of SATR to perform global digital radio controlled start, stop, pause and resume means SATR gives the CO additional control to speed up throughput. In other words you can get through more people through their gamers quicker. Higher throughput means higher profits for you.

Indoor gamers love SATR's key feature in any environment, real time hit feedback via the shooters gun with real time on gun statistics. Statistics includes hits made, kills made and accuracy percentage.

Any well developed and successful game system is carefully balanced so that no one tactic or side is, overall, at a significant advantage or disadvantage. Gamers can be very inventive in finding winning tactics or strategies and it is only after a large number of play tests with a variety of players with continuous refinement of the game rules and tools that true game balance can be assured.

Battlefield LIVE™ is the live gaming phenomenon. All our gaming guns are built tough in Australia. We believe in continuous and never-ending improvement.

Great Work

This is an excellent product, keep up the great work.
Alan, Wales UK

More Than 300 Emulations

SATR Technology The SATR system emulated all the major real-world weapons from P90 or G36. These are categorized into 4 groups: Rifles (and carbines), Hand Guns, SMGs, and Machine Guns.

  • Here is the list of Rifle emulations, click here
  • The list of SMGs, click here
  • The list of Hand Guns, click here
  • And the list of the Machine Guns, click here
  • Plus new emulations for spells, medics and more. 

Great Zombie Games

We upgraded all of our laser tag guns and I had a team experiment with the Zombie mode. You guys did a great implementation. I think we can create some great games around this new functionality. We have been talking about games with the domination features as well. This upgrade is definitely worth the time!
John Pittman, TX, USA