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Patented Technology

The SATR System Features  


SATR3 is a flexible laser tag system. You can play indoors or outdoors, with a big group or a small one. You can play simple games for entertainment or complex live-action role-plays for advanced team building exercises. Download a PDF Summary of the SATR features, click here


Battlefield Sports live gaming gives you Real-time hit feedback. So you know when you've got them! Play any game in any terrain without the need for a central computer. Without the need for a smart phone. No need for an internet connection. Worldwide licence free digital radio signal on 433 mHz band. 

Read aobut our patented tech, click here.


More than 11,000 sound effects to enhance the game experience. The SFX include in-game announcements like "Bravo Team Are Victorious" or practical announcements like "Change Ends." Choose from 21 languages or ask us to customize it for you. The SFX set the scene for your gaming theme. Select from 12 themes. 

Read more about the SFX, click here

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friendly fire

You can select to have friendly fire on or off. 

Setting Friendly Fire off is perfect for arena laser tag or CQB outdoor game-play. This means that players on the same team never have to worry about accidentally shooting their team-mates. This is a great feature especially if you have gamers of different ages and skill levels playing in the same game. Or when you have very large groups of players.

easy to operate

The SATR live gaming system is ready to operate. You can configure & lock-out the settings so when you turn the units on with a key you can start blasting. Battle ready, right out of the box! Of course you can also unlock the gear and discover all manner of bells & whistles. ;-) 

all weather gaming

With SATR you can play indoors or outdoors. The system is "weather resistant" so you can play in showers. Playing in the monsoon is not recommended (althought we've done it!).

real time stats

SATR offers real-time gaming statstics; real-time hit-feedback on the gamer's own gaming gun as well as game scores via SATRWARE. SATRWARE consists of SATR-HUB for game operations and SATR-SCORE for scoreboard. 

Read more about teh SATRWARE, click here

operator support

Battlefield Sports offers Operators support. The Battlefield Sports University (BFSU) is an online resource 24/7. Online chat and email support are Teir 1 or give us a call for Teir 2 support. We also have the Operators' Facebook Group so Operators can network and share ideas. 

lots of game options

As well as pre-defined games that integrate with SATRWARE (i.e.for the Battlefield LIVE genre: TDM, Domination, Battle Royale, Capture the Flag, Heist, 3 Point Domination, and Free For All) Operators can design their own games. The possibilities are enless! But to help you get started we have the Basic Games Handbook (for Battlefield LIVE, Battlefield TAG and Battlefield UNDEAD genres) and the Advanced Games Handbook. 

long range gaming

The SATR live gaming system has 5 range settings: melee, indoor, short, medium and long. The melee is a special setting which does damage via the digital radio -- this great for zombies and monsters. 

For our sniper rifles gamers have shot the opposition up to 650ft / 200m in daylight. (Combat range is impacted on environmental conditions, if the shooter's scope is zeroed, and how good the other guy is at ducking & weaving!). 

up to 7 teams

The system supports up to 7 teams at once. Most Operators play with: 

  • 2 teams - alpha/red vs bravo/blue or
  • 3 teams - alpha vs bravo vs charlie. 

When playing Battle Royale it can be effective to play in squads with more teams. 

optik sensors

RECIEVING: Advanced Optik Sensors
Battlefield Sports' advanced opto-electronics, its Optik Sensors, enable game play both indoors or outdoors, both at nigh noon or in the dark.  

Find out more about our Optik sensors, click here

precision glass optics

SHOOTING: Precision Optics 
The SATR system used precision glass lenses. The lens size and focal length depends on the model:

  • 46mm lens - 165mm focal length (sniper models) 
  • 40mm lens - 100mm focal length (compact models) 

built tough

Celebrating 20 years in the business, Battlefield Sports is known for manufacturing laser tag equipment built tough. 

The system has built in redunancies, such as any unit can be booted-up to act as any other units. For example you can boot-up a gaming gun to act as a medic box. 

built in error checking

Despite more than 45,000 lines of code, SATR3 it has built in error checking. There is a lot of self-correcting code to ensure stability. There are multiple level of validation on the infrared and RF packages. But if need be Operators can always use "SATR-init" feature which will re-building the database. 

turn-key solution


Bottom Line: SATR is a turn-key system. You literally turn the key one-quarter clockwise to start it up. 

No complicated installation needed. The system works without the need for an internet connection. As a mobile operation you don't even need electricity!