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Battlefield LIVE Game: Rush 

"Rush" In The Battlefield LIVE Genre

Play the "Rush" Game in the Battlefield LIVE Theme 

Got a lot of engery? Then RUSH is the game for you. Imagine the classic fighting retreat. 

This scenario is played with two teams: "attackers" vs "defenders". It is always played twice. 

Attackers want to capture each objective, in order, as fast as possible.Defenders need to hold off the attacking forces for as long as possible. Afterthe first round is played, swap the team roles over (attackers become defenders). Whichever team captures the most objectives wins, or if both teams capture all objectives, whichever team did so faster.

The Rush Game

Red Hot Equipment

Battlefield Sports is a top rated supplier of red hot equipment. The best thing i like is the ease of use, and fantastic back up.
Aaron, Victoria

Game Stores Required (in addition to Gaming Guns)

The gaming stores to run this Live-Play are:

Download the Run Sheet for the Rush Game 

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