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SATR 2So what’s SATR 2.0?

By David Pointin – UK & EU Sales

From an operator’s point of view SATR 2.0 is a must have.

Simplicity, feature rich and user friendly

Being the longest standing Battlefield Sports operator I was very excited to see and try the new features of SATR 2.0.  Peter had focused on 2 important things, simplicity and in game features.

domination gameOn our site in Oxford we run sessions every weekend all year, so I decided to take a look as an operator to see how 2.0 would benefit my own battlefield and my players experience and to see how SATR 2.0 would benefit my customers compared to version 1.6a and previous versions.

There are many features of SATR 2.0 but I will just focus on these few features that I personally think add value to my own business. 2 things that I have wanted to see for a while is improvements with the master controller and improved game features. Peter got this spot on with SATR 2.0, here are some of my thoughts.

The real exciting stuff – in game features!

This is what I think is the biggest and in my opinion the most exciting change for SATR 2.0. These exciting features can be Introduced to your venue easily and simply and add value to any battlefield business indoors or outdoors.weapons box

NEW SATR 2.0 features

  • Weapon upgrade Box
  • Armor Box
  • Cure Box
  • Mystery Box
  • Domination Box

armor boxPlayer experience is key to any Battlefield business. This is the first time through SATR technology where the player themselves can activate their own perks/upgrades/rewards using devices in game.

What we are selling is a live gaming experience so the in game features from SATR 2.0 that allow players to interact with the game using devices and technology is what will separate us from our competition..

What Peter has managed here is to integrate devices with the software to make the gaming experience more immersive and seamless.  SATR 2.0 really does take multi-layered gaming to a whole new level without making the operations of running it out on the field complicated.

cure box Here is a brief review on my favorite 2 boxes.

Weapon Upgrade Box

This is a really exciting in game feature. It does what it says on the tin. It upgrades the player’s current weapon to whatever is configured in the box.  You can set the box up to give any weapon upgrade to the player at the touch of a button, in game. For example all players can start the game with a pistol (set easily through the master controller) or any other weapon type. The box can be set to issue players with say for example the AK47, so when they find the weapon upgrade box, they press the button and immediately their weapon is upgraded from a pistol to an ak47.

The weapon box can be configured to any weapon type and you can even set it to give a limited number of upgrades to each team during the game, so for example it can be set up for x number of weapon upgrades or can be set up for unlimited upgrades. It can also be programmed to a specific team only and all this with no additional staff member needed.  At the end of the game the clever SATR 2.0 resets back to its original settings ready for the next game. This feature is so simple and easy to use and being a box can be placed absolutely anywhere.

What is so great about this is previously this feature wasn’t easily available to the player in game, to give perks or rewards such as weapon upgrades as part of the mission, this would have required an additional staff member to manually set the players weapon to give the upgrade in game which ultimately affects game play. I mean can you imagine how the players experience is affected if they have to queue just for a staff member to administer the upgrade half way through the game!  I have seen this done recently and it wasn’t pretty.

Peter's focus has been on improving the players experience by adding in game features that the players interact with but without the need for any additional staff, and definitely this has been achieved here. With the options of the weapon upgrade being any weapon, the possibilities in game are endless, especially with multiple weapon upgrade boxes.  In terms of player experience, the fact that a player can now press a button on a device in a live game and get a weapon upgrade/perk there and then is one of SATR 2.0’s most valuable features.mystery box

Mystery Box

When you thought it couldn’t get any better – it does!  This is hands down my favourite SATR 2.0 feature.

The Mystery box, a random weapon generator that is featured in the latest Call of Duty Games. I absolutely loved this SATR 2.0 feature, Peter’s focus here was on player experience, ensuring more of an Immersive gaming experience that is as closest to the video gaming experience as it gets.

The great thing about the mystery box as a player, is you don’t know what your gonna get!

To press a device in game and it randomly changes your weapon emulation is an exciting decision the player must make, whether to chance it or not.  After all it is uncertain what weapon you will get, what class it will be, what range it will be, what fire rate, magazine capacity etc it will be.  You could end up with a weapon that no one else on your team has, its uncertainty, a risk you take and our players loved this new feature.

At our Battlefield Sports UK & EU Conference on Wednesday 12th March 2014, we will be launching SATR 2.0 with the inventor of SATR – Peter Lander and will be demoing the full SATR features along with gaming workshops for the SATR 2.0 features. We hope to see you there!  To register for the UK conference in Oxford please call Lisa or David on 44 (0)1865 407316.

Master controller

Menu Change

Master Controller menuFirst major improvement I noticed was the Master controller Menu change.

Gone is the endless scrolling through the menu options to change settings and now a very simple, easy to use, user friendly sub menu that is split into 4 categories.

  • IR Commands
  • RF Commands
  • Settings
  • Testing

This saves so much time navigating through options when setting up a game.  I found this more intuitive and less frustrating.

Changing Gun Class

Even though previously I could have changed the gun class by manually setting up each gun and scrolling through the menu, when you have 70 players it just wasn’t practical in game and really for me was a barrier for me to use this feature.  

gun class menuThe time needed by staff to do this meant this feature really was under used so I was really pleased to see this was a new feature for the master controller in SATR 2.0.

Now you can change gun class through the master controller and is simple to set the class you want and press the trigger, blip the players and it updates all players’ weapon class.  I think this really brings the 69 weapon emulations to life as in game this can be done in seconds by the ref.  

Being able to set up a player with whatever weapon class and weapon I want them to have via the master controller is a brilliant feature I will use.

Changing indoors/outdoors

set indoor To ease transition from indoor to outdoor play and back again, the master controller now allows the indoor/outdoor modes to be set.

This was a feature I welcomed as there have been many occasions where we have done events indoors/outdoors and I have had to manually change each gun and then after the event change them all back.

Now it is just as simple as selecting it from the menu and blipping all the guns and job done.  

Backwards Compatibility

Is SATR 2.0 compatible with versions of SATR 1.6? Equipment that is on SATR version 1.6 version and below will not be able to unlock the new features from SATR 2.0 listed above.  For example the new Master Controller functionality will not work unless your gear is upgraded. [Please note tha a Master Controller with SATR 2.0 will not pause/resume gaming guns via infrared if they are still on the SATR 1.x series. It is recommended that all Master Controllers are upgraded first if operators are upgarding in batches.]

How do I upgrade to SATR 2.0?

set outdoor We only upgrade genuine Battlefield Sports customers with Authentic Battlefield Sports PCB boards and SD cards.

To upgrade, you can take advantage of the special conference offer for a small fee per unit, or you can arrange your upgrade through us as the UK and EU resellers for Battlefield Sports for an additional cost. For upgrades at the conference you will need to remove the PCB board and SD card from the equipment to be upgraded.  If you are opting for our full service upgrade pack where we remove the PCB board and SD src= card this will need to be arranged directly with us.

All upgrades require the customer to sign a new sales agreement on upgrade.

Conference upgrade rate - We have options for on the day upgrades (limited availability) at the conference, and also the weeks preceding and after the conference at the special rate. These will need to be booked in with us directly.  We aim for a 24hr turnaround for upgrades post conference from our Oxford HQ. Upgrades after March 31st will be charged at full price. Please call us on 01865 407316 for more information or to book your upgrade.