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Research and Innovation

SATR research and development SATR stands for "small arms transmitter receiver." It offers you real-time hit feedback, via light effects (through the red dot scope) and sound effects (through voice feedback). We have invested years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on its research and development.

The trademark application SATR was lodged in July 2006. 

Patent Approved for our Digital Technology

The patent application was originally filed in Australia in December 2006.

There was a soft launch in Australia in November 2008.

This innovative product was officially launched in London in April 2009.

Our patented gaming guns use a lensed infrared light system.

Our patent application was lodged with the US Patent Office on June 18th 2009.

The International filing date, December 20st 2006, is deemed the filling date for the purpose of determining the term of the US application.

Great Zombie Games

We upgraded all of our laser tag guns and I had a team experiment with the Zombie mode. You guys did a great implementation. I think we can create some great games around this new functionality. We have been talking about games with the domination features as well. This upgrade is definitely worth the time!
John Pittman, TX, USA

International patent applications with this filing date have been lodged in the UK and the USA. SATR has been deemed, in a written opinion under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, to be novel, inventive and industrially applicable, as of January 2008.

Our patented technology utilizes a sub-1-GHz transceiver by Texas Instruments. For the full data sheet see... 


As a player and laser tag event organizer that constantly uses Battlefield Sports gear, SATR gen 1.6 already outperforms many traditional indoor laser tag systems, some of which are on their 13th version. Battlefield Sports SATR already offers players range and performance unmatched by most other laser tag systems.