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BUT FIRST, consider these 7 reasons why we are the best laser tag supplier for you. 

1. Play Indoors or Outdoors

Whether you are planning an indoor laser tag arena or an outdoor woodlands field or simply a mobile business we have a range of laser tag equipment to suit your needs. 

For example, if you establish an indoor arena but you want to do a promo event at your local show then you don't have to have different equipment. 

Or if you have a forest field but want to do a special gig at the local shopping mall then just a quick zap you can re-set the equipment. 

Likewise, if you are running a portable laser tag business you never know where you might end up, inside or outside. 

  • No mask. 
  • No mess. 
  • No vest. 
  • No kidding! 

Boost your sales with the latest innovation in the fun & adventure business. This is the most flexible solution for you.

2. New Live-Action Games To Thrill Your Players

The latest patented technology makes running thrilling live-action scenarios a cinch. The most popular new game is electronic "Capture The Flag". New games like "Heist" and "Rush" are also hugely popular with the gamer generation. With favorite games like "Domination" or "Team Death-match" (TDM) you can scale up your gaming to virtually any size group. 

Our games have been field tests to work well with small groups of six and the biggest games we've organized was with a record-breaking 436 at once! 

Attract crowds of customers who want a thrilling, interactive experience to your business.

3. Royalty Free Technology

With other companies, you may have to pay again and again, year after year for a license. And as your business grows so do your royalty bills. 

Our gear comes royalty free - you buy it, you own it. 

This is your chance to leverage off the booming video game industry.

4. Get the Gamers Raving About You

There’s not much that we haven’t seen over the years.  For you this means that it’s highly likely that we know how to solve your problem, no matter how unique. 

Let us know your plans and we can help get the gamers raving about you. 

5. A Huge Variety of Gaming Emulations

If you can imagine it then we reckon we have a gaming emulation for that. With more than 350 emulations from modern combat, tank battles, fantasy scenarios to American Civil War re-enactments our technology can support you. This gives rise to 12 gaming themes from Family Friendly "Battlefield TAG" to hard-core mil-sim "Battlefield LIVE" to the new "Battlefield ROYALE" theme. 

Our software comes with a “lock out” feature & you just turn ‘em on & play. No complicated installation required. You literally turn the key and you are ready to start playing.

6. We Are Here To Help

Benefit from our 20+ years of experience in the live gaming industry. The equipment is reliable. The laser tag equipment is light-weight. During our time there isn't much we haven't seen. We have established an online Battlefield Sports University which you can access 24/7 which has useful resources from images, templates, technical help, and on-demand training videos and lots more.

7. We Do Deals

Contact us to get the best equipment at competitive prices. If you have a written quote from another supplier sent it to us and we will see if we can price match it, apples to apples.

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Battlefield Sports is helping Battlefield Operators, just like you, to start or expand their laser tag businesses across the globe. Here are some useful resources to help on your Battlefield Business journey.

Plus we'll also send you another CONFIDENTIAL REPORT you must see. All these resources are absolutely free. 

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