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Gaming Accessory: Radio Repeater

Radio Repeater

The new software version SATR3+ now has a new feature on the radio repeater. A Battlefield Operator can set the radio repeater to re-transmit the hit-feedback signal.

This is useful if the gaming area has dense terrain or if players are really spread out. 

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The Radio Repeater Gaming Accessory is a purpose-built unit designed to re-transmit master controller radio signals such as starting and ending games.

radio repeater

Why Get A Radio Repeater In Your Laser Tag Arsenal? 

A radio repeater is specially designed with a whip antenna so it picks up the digital radio signals better and it retransmits at longer range. The SATR3 laser tag system relies on digital radio signals for its game play. 

A radio repeater improves the players' hit feedback. A gamer might be behind cover or a long way apart the peer to peer radio signal is not as strong. So the radio repeater will pick up the signal and resend it. This improves the accuracy of the gamers' statistics. 

Similarly the repeater repeats spawn and flag capture signals, improving the overall game play reliability. We recommend a radio repeater for any battlefield (indoor or outdoor). A large battlefield should have two radio repeaters. 

Radio Repeater

radio repeater 2015 production line

A radio repeater is a combination of a radio receiver and a radio transmitter that receives the SATR signal and re-transmits it, so that the digital laser tag signal can cover larger distances without degradation.

The repeater is an automatic radio-relay station, for best results please the box on high ground with clear lines of sight.

This is a good gaming accessory for very large battlefields.

Radio Repeater Features

The Repeater Box is a bright color.

You will also notice that this unit has the over-clocked whip antenna.

(Radio repeaters standard issue comes with the smaller antenna.)

It also comes with compact buttons and standard SATR display screen.

The top of the box features a stainless steel 5mm eye closure. A strap can be added as an optional extra.

Plus it has an indicator light to show that the Repeater Box is on.

This also makes a good prop for the "Operation Black Box" Live-Play (a favorite game from our Advanced Games Handbook).