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Battlefield Sports Feasibility Quiz: The Results


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Adele Johnson, Australia
"I'd like to give you a wonderful testimonial on your fantastic service. We are rapt with our cobras, four years on they have stood up to the rough treatment by kids. 

The technology is very cool, interactive, fun and technical support is only a phone call away (which is awesome!). We would highly recommend Battlefield Sports equipment to any business. 

I can't say a bad thing about any of experiences with the company or equipment."


Ruben Blancovich, NY USA

Amazing how time flies. My gaming guns are still going strong. 

Probably the best return on investment ever. 

I have had my investment pay me back 25 times over the last 5 years. 



Here is a special gift to you for completing the Feasbility Quiz. It will help you with your business plans. When people say Nicole & Peter Lander wrote the book on live gaming, they were right! And here it is for you. 

"Right on Target: How to Start, have fun and make Money with a Live Gaming Business"

by Nicole Lander and Peter Lander. 


Battlefield LIVE book coverFor more than 10 years, authors Peter and Nicole Lander have immersed themselves in the live gaming industry.

The billion dollar video gaming industry is now the second-largest segment of the entertainment industry in the United States, outstripping film and far surpassing books.

With the advent of Wii's popularity, and the explosion of live gaming venues across the globe, interactive gaming is the next generation in gaming.

Insiders, the Landers let you in on how to get started in this fascinating new industry.

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