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Battlefield Sports Extends Leadership in Real-Time Peer-to-Peer Live Gaming Innovation

New 4 Layered Board: "Quad-Core" 

Battlefield Sports today announced the Quad-Core, another live gaming innovation that cements its position as the technology leader in the peer-to-peer laser tag equipment category.

SATR PCB MotherboardQuad-Core combines industry-leading functionality with a doubling of layers on its motherboard.

Last year our Research and Development team re-designed our PCB to go from our standard 2 layered board to re-design it to be a four layered board. We call it our Quad-Core.

Click on the image of the Quad-Core motherboard for a closer look at the new design.

The additional 2 layers compared with the original PCB are internal power planes. These additional planes provide improved reliability.

The base material is FR4. Its bow and twist is less than 0.7%.

The R&D team also improved the RF routing on the main PCB and more bias was added to the ground plane.

The new Quad-Core is standard in all new gaming gun orders.


This is reliable equipment with good servicing that will last a very long time. [I like the] reliability, look, and the ease of maintenance.
Darren, England