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SATR Air - Airsoft attachment

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This unit is designed to be attached to an airsoft rifle (AEG). It is designed as an soft-air accessory. You can attach the unit on top of your airsoft rifle or attach it under-slung. 

This SATR AIR accessory can be attached to an airsoft rifle or even a NERF gun! 

This new compact unit is sure to be popular with airsoft operators because it is so light while being robust.

There are two options for the lens size:
  •     Standard - 40mm lens
  •     Sniper - 46mm lens
You can also select different colored lens tubes: 
  • Black (default color)
  • Red
  • Blue 


    Recommended Emulations 
    •     Scorpion (default)
    •     Uzi
    •     Or match the airsoft rifle model
    File Type File Description
    SATRAIR Data SheetData SheetSATRAIR Data Sheet
    Lithium-ion Battery Material Data Sheet Battery InfoLithium-ion Battery Material Safety Data Sheet

    SATR-AIR Review

    The SATR-AIR offers some versatile applications.

    This new model comes with a 40mm lens (the same as the Scorpion) for LONG range gaming, even in daylight. Or you can boost the range of SATR AIR by adding the sniper lens to upgrade it to a 46mm lens (same as the Morita Sniper). 

    To see the SATR-Air specs up close, click here.